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RE: Making a Million Bucks Online

in The CTP Swarm8 months ago

Great post, Russell! It is all about the journey... I remember the time when I was checking every 15 minutes the price of Hive, and claiming my rewards 100 times per day...

I struggle lately with that, as I can't manage to check those things from all the engagement on the chain... And all these great posts that are out there, ready to be consumed... :)

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Lol, I dont even check the value, I notice it when I want to do a swap from HBD to Hive and try and trigger at the best exchange, but apart from that, I know its a long tern acumulate process and so I will be concerend at the value when I have enough that it would be worth my while converting to dollars :)

even then with most staked it wouold take 3 months before I could convert anyway, so even then the value is only presented at time of conversion.
Hive could go up to $12 today and then back to 0.18 tomorrow and I still wouldnt benefit :)