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Usually, I'm posting late to all these awesome initiatives out there... But, maybe it's not late for this awesome #HiveCommunityInitiative that is created by @theycallmedan, where Hivians present their favorite communities here on the Hive. In this video, I would like to present my homeplace here on Hive, the CTP Talk tribe and Click Track Profit Community... All in one!

This awesome tribe/community is created @jongolson & @blainjones at the very beginning when these options were available on the chain... As a matter of fact, the community was created even before and lived on their website, Discord, Telegram... When the Hive was ready with community implementation, the whole family moved to its new home...

This community is specific as it is a mix of affiliate marketers that are just onboarding on Hive and learn things about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, and on the other side, crypto savvy people that are here to help them on the journey, but also to learn things about affiliate marketing...

Probably because of this mutual respect and differences, the community is very supportive and helpful for every new member that comes into it... I have highlighted just a couple of awesome members of the community, but there are a lot more of them creating and contributing not only to their fellow Swarmians but also to the Hive blockchain as a whole...

Please check out the video and find more about this awesome family...

Thank you for your valuable time,


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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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You forgot to mention one of the biggest whales here, who is doing a lot of great things for our community he has newly started a curationtrail, and is also involved in other projects here. His name is Zoltán also known as @ph1102.

You forgot your cool sunglasses today, so we got to see your cool eyes.

Thanks for pointing that out... lol... I didn't forget it... He has created this awesome video and showed this awesome community to the rest of the Hive!

And regarding glasses, it was overcast today, so I didn't wear them... But, maybe you are right... I should brand myself with them... Like a mark of the Z :)

CTPTalk is definitely the best community (as biased as that sounds). So many awesome people here & we all contribute something special. I feel really blessed to be in the Swarm! :)

Thank you for the shout out & so glad you are a part of our family! :) 💚

Thank you for your kind words and I couldn't agree more with what you have said... We are blessed that we are surrounded with so many great people here...

So much to learn, so much to grow, and so much fun... Pure joy! :)

It's been a while last time I watched a vlog from you and I really miss that..hope to get back on track of things as much possible!
Thank you for being part of our Family and for all you've been doing :)
You mentioned lots of cool people 😁
The CTP Swarm rocks!!

Thank you for your time that you spend watching the video... Yeah, we have only 24 hours a day, and that can limit us to doing a lot of things...

The CTP Swarm rocks indeed, and I have probably missed to mention a lot of other cool people that we have here...

Speechless man, thank you!

For the trust you've put into this community and everything you've brought to the table.

Been an honor to get to know you over the past year bro!

You are welcome! And the honor is mutual... Thanks for all your support for every single person in this community!

Yes this is definitely a great community! Everyone is always very supportive and helpful.

All the initiatives are great and fun.

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It is, indeed! And we are happy to have you onboard!

CTPTalk is the only community I have actually enjoyed being part of and contributing to.

Thank you, Bob, for your kind words in the name of the whole community! Your videos are getting better and better every day... I enjoy watching them!

Great Video Zoltan - CTP Talk is one of the best communities there is for support and discourse, as well as having its own use case Token that everybody loves.

The community is what makes this community

Thanks for the shout out :)

Had to post via Peakd

You are welcome, Russell... Thanks for rewarding, inspiring and teaching people every day!

Thank you for all the support I have received from you, and we hope that I am as good as you think.

I have reposted your article on Twitter We wish you success in all your endeavors.

That was a great video.
Your ability to walk, talk & think at the same time is remarkable.

Nice to see receive some recognition for their efforts here.
A few folks put in alot of time, alot of effort, and some great creativity.

I agree with the message that this a great community with a wide variety of folks.

Thanks for your kind words! To be honest, I can't do videos if I'm not walking... lol... It looks that my brain get fuel from my feet... lol

There are some extraordinary folks here that are very supportive and friendly, with a lot of life and business experience... It's a pure pleasure working with them....

I hope that you will be more active as we would like to learn stuff from you!

Proud to be a part of CTPTalk, such a wonderful community, and love to all the honorable members, who are making it a dream place to be. Hatz off to you @ph1102 for being a master :)

Thank you for your kind words! Happy to have you with us!

Thank you for doing this great video! You pointed out what matters most in this community and it's the amazing people that are part of it. There are so many creative and interesting people here. A big family that supports each other day in, day out!

Thanks for the shout out and for everything you are doing for us!

Shout out was well deserved! You are one of the important parts of this awesome community... and we have just started! :)

And then we have Zoltan @ph1102 who is a great part of the CTP Swarm Family, and doing a great job moderating it for @thisisawesome, plus also run a great curation trail upvoting good content.

Plus also the Alive Engagement Contest, which anyone can participate in and that gives out a daily prize of 200 Hive Power for 4 weeks to the winner each day, and also helps out funding Luke with CTP tokens.

Keep up your good work.

Thanks for your kind words!

There are so much great project in out CTP Swarm that I will need a whole series of posts to describe all of them, without skipping some... :)

That's a great idea for a project.

Fragrant greetings, sir, and we thank you for everything you offer, although I understand what you pay more than what you trust, but I like the video and those wonderful views, we ask you for wellness and success.

Thanks! Appreciate your nice words!