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If you don't know, the Hive-Engine exchange has made its first step to decentralization... The witness system is implemented and currently doing validation of transaction, but in the future, it will carry more things...

If you are following me here on Hive, you probably know that I'm a big fan of decentralization, which I have stated many times in my vlogs and blogs... Even in times when others were saying that it's not "that important", which was obviously a mistake... Now, more than ever, we can acknowledge how decentralization is one of the crucial parts of the puzzle that starts to get its' shape...

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It's not only the decentralization that is important but a lot of other things that come along with it... For example, it will bring transparency, and "open cards", where everyone can check the "pulse" of a certain organization, company, or even country... Another important thing that comes with decentralization is the POWER that will come back to "its source", it will come back from the big tech, banks, governments, to the ordinary people... Where every person can manage with its own assets whenever it wants, without the need of some 3rd party, with their "small letters"...

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But, I digress... I will go straight to the point... As I have created a node for Hive-Engine and registered as a witness, I need votes to be relevant in the witness system... At this moment, I'm actively testing and helping others to set up their nodes...

The voting system is like it is, and the votes are based on the number of staked WORKERBEE tokens... What are WORKERBEE tokens? In a nutshell, they are miners who mine BEE token (a token that is used for running different dApps that use H-E... so, you can compare them like RC on Hive)... Also, WORKERBEE tokens will be used as governance tokens soon (like UNIswap, COMP, or some others), which means that their price can go significantly up (only my personal opinion)...

So, as miners, owning WORKERBEE tokens gives you a chance to mine BEE tokens... Like any other miners, mining new tokens is like a lottery... You can have 1 miner and find the token in an hour, or in 2 months, there is no "secure amount" in a certain time... On the other side, having MORE miners gives you a better probability to mine new tokens...

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You get the point where am I going? Having more miners at ONE PLACE is a good way to go... After mining, the distribution of tokens to the equal part is the best solution for "small" miners... So I have decided to create a kind of WORKERBEE pool (ph-ool, as I like to call it... :) ) where people who own and DELEGATE their WORKERBEE tokens to my account (@ph1102) get a portion of mined BEE tokens... There will be no FEE for that, and I'm thinking of doing the distribution of tokens once per week (can be changed depending on the actual numbers of participants)...

Why would I do it for free? I will be fully transparent about this... I have been registered as a witness and these delegations will help me in ranking... But, that's not all... I would like to say that these votes will support witnesses that I support... At this moment, I support @clicktrackprofit (@jongolson) and @thelogicaldude (HiveLIST, HiveHustlers) witnesses, so delegating to this account and earning BEE tokens, you will SUPPORT these two awesome project!

I'm already supporting both of them with my stake of almost 2000 WORKERBEE tokens and I hope that you will do the same through delegating...

Bonus offer!

People who take part in this small experiment can expect some additional bonuses, but more about this in future posts...

Also, I would like to give a huge thanks to all of you that have supported me as a witness... In this way, I would like to give it back to you as much as I can... Thanks!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!

Thank you for your time,



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That’s a cool idea! Thanks for the support! I gotta get all the votes on you and Jon as well! Been stacking up some more workerbee, lol.

Thank you, sir! The same here, stacking coins daily...

I hope that in this way we can shake up the community to support the cause, and not lose money... ;) In the end, we are playing for the same team... ;)

Thank you for your support again... I really appreciate it... You have jumped to support in the very beginning... Respect!


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I gave it a try in hive-engine and successfully delegated 3 to you. I almost know what all those icons on hive-engine mean now! !BEER

Hehehe.. Thanks a lot!! Appreciate your fast action and reaction!!!

And regarding all those icons... There is no chance to know all the tokens from there... lol...


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I have 216 worker bee staked. What account do I delegate to??

I see below now the answer. Delegation coming.


Thanks for the support! The delegation received and noted!


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

That no fees is a nice concept.
Are you getting any workerbee for 2000 Bees?

Well, in the last 24 (a bit less), we have mined 1 BEE... We will see how it will look like after a week... ;)

Maybe the bonus reward will be more valuable at the beginning than BEE value, but let us wait and see :)


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All those busy little WorkerBeeeeeeeees 🐝🐝🐝 really must be in need of some very sweet tasting !wine🍷

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WINE Current Market Price : 1.300 HIVE

hehehehe... Wine is always welcomed! :) Thanks for the support!


Thanks Bro, my pleasure.
We can only call the "wine bot" once a day at the moment!

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I think this is a great idea. I'm preparing a post about the hive-engine miners and for me such type of mining pools make a lot of sense. To which account should we delegate our miners?

All delegation has to be sent to this account (@ph1102)... Will try to accumulate as much as possible that we can receive rewards regularly...

Thanks for the feedback... It has sense, I think that participants will like additional rewards that I have in mind... :)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Congratulations on this. I think it's worth the support especially with the communities you're supporting. Did you consider Sportswitness too?

Thanks! I will see next Monday how it goes... As it is a pool, I don't want misunderstandings with people who have delegated funds... But, I think that we will support sportswitness very soon...


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Good idea, will buy some on my kids account, @victor-alexander and will delegate it to you!

Thanks in advance! Appreciate the support!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

That's a great idea and another win-win initiative, congrats! Sorry to be late reading this. I can't upvote it any longer. Yet, I did reblog it.


Thanks for the comment... Yes, it is a win-win... Smaller stakeholders can receive rewards, and they can help in the witness race :)


Any chance you'd consider adding some kind of governance system to the pool in the future? It'd be cool to let delegators + pool stake determine which witnesses the pool votes for based on their % of the pool. I'd happily take part in a mining pool if I could get more votes over to @sportswitness through my support.

Actually, that is a good idea and I was thinking about it... The main point was to gather small miners and make the BEE mining more profitable for them... As there are more and more miners out there, it will be fewer BEE tokens for small investors...

I will "check the pulse" of others in the next update on Monday... I like the way you did it in SPORTS tribe, so maybe something like that.. I have just voted there with my .sports account :)

Thanks for the support! I'm sure that we will find a good solution for both sides.. ;)

for you

Thanks for the beer tokens... Appreciate it!

Very nice! You will probably rank up on the witness list pretty fast. ^^ !HYPNO !WINE

Thanks for the delegation! I have noted it! Well, it will not be that easy to climb in rankings, but I'm here to stay... ;)

Thanks for hypno tokens also!!!

From that last @aggroed blog post I think we are pretty close to bumping the witness number to at least 10+1. If that's the case (which I hope it is) you would have to "fight" for less WORKERBEE than right now. 😁

Yes, it will happen probably during the next week... But regardless, it will be tough... Being a "small fish" in a big sea is a bit problem, so that's why I have decided to do this initiative... To gather small fish and try to profit all... ;)

Thanks again for the support... The mining rewards aren't that huge, but every decimal place counts... We have mined 1 BEE today! Yay! :)


Hey @ph1102, here is your HYPNO ;)

I am in, and have a bit of staked Bee. Have no clue where to go to vote :-D

If you want to join this pool experiment, you have to delegate your tokens to the @ph1102 account, and that's it... I will make a calculation every week of how many BEE tokens are mined and send the portion to every participant...


Ah I keep forgetting to pick up more of these! Note to self BUY MORE BEE MINERS!!!

There are too many great tokens out there, and not enough money to buy all of them :) :)

Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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