Let's Talk | Pix Rants Ep 2 (In The Life Of A Content Creator)

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No, it’s not one of those conversations where you will hear “It’s not you, it’s me” … lol…

As a content creator, I had a few things I needed to get off my chest & while it’s said with the best intentions to encourage ALL of us to do better, it will not mince words. We put so much hard work into our daily content but there are some things that need to change & it’s glaringly obvious…


Get your popcorn & settle in for one of my infamous Pix Rants...let us help one another!

Music: Cafe Mornings - Don’t Stress - Paeta

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Thanks for a great video @pixiepost, and a nice rant about quality content and title's, to get engagement on your posts having something to engage with is really important, and I would totally look if the bird ate the neighbors cat, or was it Timmy eating the neighbors bird, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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HA HA HA! I wouldn't put it past Timmy to eat a bird but I certainly wouldn't want a bird eating him! That would be WAY too scary lol 😂🤣

Thank you for the spotlight. Yeah, it was a rant I had been keeping inside for awhile. Even though I have touched on some of this in the past, it was clearly time for another one & a bit more direct. We pride ourselves in TIA to upvote & engage with QUALITY content, but if there isn't any to do so, we are left with shit posts & that's a lose-lose situation..... we need winning experiences! :)

Thanks for always being the definition of Mr. Awesome! Have an awesome day, sweetie! 😊💚

Why did I start watching this video?
I was scrolling down and the title grabbed my attention. Here I'm watching your video and in the video, you talked about the title.

To grab the reader's attention, the title is very important. If you think of it from an SEO perspective, the title plays an important role. It is like a promise of what you are going to deliver in your content. Thank you @pixiepost for sharing this.

That is amazing! Thank you! See, it shows proof right there of what I was talking about.

There are people who are finally starting to understand the power of this, but so many don't. Weirdly enough, it's such a simple thing - just takes a little extra thought - & can capture more viewers/readers on the platform!

Thank you so much for your kind comment! :) 💚

Interesting that I have done a similar post yesterday... :) ANd I don't look at these as rants, as they are created for the good of people who don't see that they are doing things wrong... And by implementing some simple changes their posts can make a big difference!

In engagement and in earnings... Everyone CAN do better, but it needs a bit more work, and a bit more open mind to listen to recommendations of more experienced users...

Thanks for helping others to grow!

Ha ha I know, right? We seem to sync a lot as we do with some others at times...and the kicker is we don't even see one another's posts until afterwards! :)

That is so true about the word rant. What I usually loving call Rants are my attempt to help people in the best way possible...it's always with good intentions... and heck, sometimes even I need that "wake up" call sometimes. As long as we keep helping one another & grow, that's what is key!

Everyone CAN do better, but it needs a bit more work, and a bit more open mind to listen to recommendations of more experienced users

YES! This is super important. I try to learn from others that may have more experience than I do in different things so I can improve my craft. So this again is just us sharing knowledge & experience to help others. But an open mind is needed in order to do that growing....

Thanks for your awesome comment & for helping ppl grow as well! :) 💚

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