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RE: From Baby to Boss - In Only 6 Steps

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Like you, I occasionally look at my older videos & I was truly horrid compared to how I am now. It's amazing how much growth we go through but don't always see it in the day to day process. But in hindsight, it seems like a lifetime has passed! :)

Yes, that is the best way to grow in our journey. When we keep showing up every day & learning from others, while honing our craft, we can really improve in leaps & bounds. We just have to get out of our way sometimes!

This was good advice & is important for newbies who see this video. It's all about the marathon, not winning the race. As always, thanks for your wisdom, Zoltan! I am proud of you & how far you've come :) 💜


You are doing some magical things in your "editing studio" :) When I grow up, I would like to do the same... Maybe that is my next step? Researching some editing software and poking around? Will see...

Until then, I will practice my front-camera skills and mix different topics... And annoy others with my talks... lol...