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YAY!!!! What a nice surprise! :) Thank you. :)

I have seen quite a few good plays during my childhood & early teen years, but I think the one that stands out to me is the only time I saw a Broadway play in NYC. I went with my parents. My Dad was there for business but we made a vacation out of it, too. The play wasn't a well known one but it was a drama/comedy called "Rumors". It showed how stories people tell each other are totally misinterpreted as the same story is passed on through several characters. It shows the domino effect quite comically. It was really fun & the actors were outstanding. The excitement of being at Broadway was more than enough for a great experience as well. :)


Congrats, Jenn! Sounds like that play ought to be revived for 2020!

🤣🤣😄 I think you are definitely right about that!! Thank you so much! Nice to see ya!! 💜