Mindful Mondays | Ep 11 A Moment In The Human Existence

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Mondays are usually a great day for me - it’s the start of a fresh new week, full of hope, full of promise….

So why did I feel off this morning? No matter what I did, I couldn’t share the dark clouds hovering over me. It happens to the best of us & in it, we have to allow ourselves grace...

And sometimes, that’s when the littlest things can really uplift us. This video shows my tiny moment in the human existence & what the power of community can do….

Remember, always surround yourself with others who empower you, but first you have to realize the value in yourself. ;) 💜

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I can’t imagine you angry
You are always so full of positive vibes

Sending you ❤️

Aww thank you. I am sorry I am late in commenting back. I could've sworn I replied! Geez! LOL

I am naturally a happy person, for sure, but like everyone, I am only human ;) he he. It's ironic I see your comment again today because I am uploading another Mindful Monday right now which delves a bit more into this topic!

I hope you're doing well. It is really nice to see you. Have a beautiful week & sending you much love (& pixie dust) as well! :) 💚

It's interesting the thing with "collective thinking", especially here in the community... We have experienced it many times when we were doing similar posts at the same time... And I don't think just you and me, but a lot of other people... like 5-10 people talking about the same thing on the same day, at the almost the same time...

I have done my daily vlog today and spoke about some things not so connected with your topic, but when I have done my description for the video, I have touched similar things... and I promise that I didn't copy from you... :)

In a nutshell, this "collective thinking" is giving a hope that something big is happening in the world and these unity is important to be created... And it is CREATING at this very moment...

Thanks for the awesome message that you have sent! It's OK to take care about yourself, but it's even better to care about the others...

This is so crazy...I could've sworn I replied to these comments, but never did lol. So here I am!

Yes, our Swarm "collective thinking" really amazes me sometimes. Of course, you & I have a "twin" mentality in a lot of ways, but so many of our friends here are often on the same wavelength (like @iamraincrystal ;) ). It shows we are all growing & evolving in our individual paths & aligning with similar things. It is pretty inspiring when you think about it :)

It's OK to take care about yourself, but it's even better to care about the others...

So so true!! I agree 100%. When we take care of ourselves first, then we can DEFINITELY do that.

Thank you so much for the great comment & for being you :) 💜

Yeah, it's great to have @iamraincrystal on our side... You never know when you will need something to win... wheels, or lottery... 🤣 🤣

😂🤣 Amen to that!! She's got magic of her own 😉

Wonderful video message, feeling the vibes, we are coming through a pivotal moment in time where the old time lines are collapsing and many new ones forming. That's why some of us attuned or highly sensitive ones are picking up the emotional and energetic shifts. Many more people are also beginning to feel and also wake up to this new reality emerging. 😀❤🙏

Thank you so much & forgive me for not answering sooner. (Usually I am much more prompt with the replies lol.)

Yes! We are definitely starting to see more people awakening in this moment. It is a crucial time to really do that inner work, transmute the old energy, set the boundaries & start speaking up. I can sense you have been through some shifts as well & I am noticing others waking up like crazy. It gives me hope that this new reality will be a better one eventually. It's just up to us to plant the seeds & helps others in their process as well.

Thank you so much for your kind words & for watching the video. Sending much love & light to you. 💛🙏

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