What Is A Responsive Website? Take 2

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This video is in response to several people asking, "What is a Responsive Website?" This video addresses websites that are responsive to different devices used to access the internet. Since more than 50% of internet viewing is now done with cell phones, it is important that a website be responsive to the device being used. Sorry, @blainjones for using ClickTrack Profit site as the example of a non-responsive site.

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This is a remake of the original responsive website video. This time all the audio is included.

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Great video Bob!

I think you are making one mistake when you say that CTP is "not fully responsive".

It seems you are equating mobile first design with responsive design.

While CTP is not designed with mobile first in mind (as it shouldn't be) it is still responsive.

At some point you noted that at "1130 pixels approx." you get full view of the calendar and other elements, that's quite close to 1280x720 which is perfect for CTP and LeadsLeap and any other Traffic website, as most landing pages are designed at this or higher resolution, and usually without responsiveness in mind. That's why in my opinion CTP isn't designed with mobile first in mind and it shouldn't be.

Would it profit (no pun intended 😀) if at some places it used scalable font sizes (rem or #vw) instead of fixed sizes, absolutely.

On the topic of mobile first design, some other time.

Thanks for your comment. I am not sure how you define responsive. There are many aspects to responsive websites. I was addressing and pretty sure I said responsive with regards to the viewing device. I also didn't mean that moble should be first but definitely should be considered.

Personally, I think landing pages especially should be device responsive as more and more surfing is done on mobile devices.

As per definition "Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes." [wikipedia] Thus, when you resize browser window it will rearrange the elements to fit the new size (which both your website and CTP do).

Could CTP do it better? Absolutely.
Should it? Not necessary, until the industry starts adopting responsive design more, which, I agree with you, it should.

But... there is a problem. Most people design their landing pages with Landing Page creators/editors which create non responsive pages to begin with, so there needs to be conscious effort on the part of the person creating the design to make it responsive.

Try surfing either CTP gauntlet or Leadsleap on a mobile phone it just is not comfortable doing it. In both cases, and this is also true for other TEs, because all responsiveness is left at the door of the surfing area.

Anyhu, I wouldn't hold my breath since it took the industry so long to adopt https, and that incompletely.

That's a great explanation of responsive websites! Thanks, Bob!

Thanks for the comment. Always appreciated.