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RE: My CTP Story - The Secret of CTP Token Value

I remember SteemSavvy as there are some tutorials about steem, how it works and the basics someone needs to know as a beginner. That turned into this huge. Your decision and action have brought you to this level where you are today.

I saw someone who supported posts on CTPTalk. I also got upvote on my post. And this guy is @ph1102. Then I saw a difficult style of making videos consistently - walking, talking, recording, and sharing from the heart.

Keep up the great work, @ph1102!


hehehe... thanks for your kind words...

Yes, all that was on SteemSavvy is now in ClickTrackProfit website, and a bit more, like tips for affiliate marketers, but also for content creators... It helped me a lot with consistency, focus, picking up topics, etc...

ANd you have already met the great community, so no need for introducing this awesome people... ;)