#3StepsNoExcuses Plan: Day 9 - Be Visible and Engage!


Welcome to Day 9 of your #3StepsNoExcuses journey with me, Rob Willmann.

Now that you're familiar with the format here (3 simple steps to complete each day) let's get started!

Today's Three Steps:

  1. Watch the "Traffic in CTP?" Training Video, then engage on CTP.
  2. Review Your Mailing Stats and adjust your ad emails for the win!
  3. Watch Plus1Success Day 9 video: Host A Live Stream

Let's go through each of these steps and grow together as marketers.


1) Watch the "Traffic in CTP?" Training Video, then engage on CTP.

Login to CTP here: https://trckapp.com/refer-ctp/3Steps

After youre in CTP, click Training > Lessons. Once you're in the training session, look for the "Traffic in CTP?" video training in the Click! section.

This one is something that is near to my heard. CTP gives you lots of ways to build relationships with others: grow your list with lead capture pages, post a site in the Gauntlet and receive feedback, use the built-in messaging system to send messages to others within CTP.

At the top of the site, there's also row of icons you can use to engage with CTP today as well on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Out of all three, it's Telegram I enjoy most. The direct interaction with my peers is a joy and I truly have made friends because of CTP.

For today I liked and commented on a post on the CTP Facebook page, Engaged via twitter, and I am in Telegram every day, so that was what I call a 'no-brainer'.

Once you've watched the video, give yourself BONUS points for engaging with someone on CTP. After that, it's on to the next task.


2) Review Your Mailing Stats and adjust your ad emails for the win!

Login to your List Nerds account: https://trckapp.com/list-nerds-rw/3Steps

Once you're logged in, click on Mail History on the left and look over the stats for your emails you've sent.

What you're really interested in is the CTR or Click Through Ratio. That's the number of people who saw your email and then clicked on the link and went to your page or offer.

The higher the CTR, the better. My stats are the screenshot above.

Notice that even though I have the same number of "opens", the CTR for the email I sent on Mar 22 is lower significantly, even though the Clicks is down by only 1.

That's because the CTR is based on the number of emails sent, and I sent over 1000 additional emails for the mar 22nd email, yet I got BETTER results rom the email I sent on Mar 17.

Notice anything obviously different about the two? The Mar 17 email has an emoji in the subject. More testing may prove that emojis in the subject line draws more eyes to your email. Testing will tell.... :)

Once you've examined your stats and have a plan for your next email, it's time for the final step:


3) Watch Plus1Success Day 9 video: Host A Live Stream

Login to your Plus1Success account here:

Once you're logged in, the **Video section **is going to have the Day 9 video "Host A Live Stream".

THis is a great way to grow as an individual. I at first thought I was going to skip this one since I have plans to do a different type of dad joke podcast soon. I've also recorded over 120 dad joke videos.

However, "soon" isn't today and this 30-day plan is all about taking action.

I am a man of action therefore I did a live stream, and talked about my experience with Plus1Success. I think it went quite well, and I've had several views. You can review my Live feed here:


If doing a live stream is not possible, try to at least attend some live streams and be a part of the audience if you can't actually get to do the stream itself. That way you are still getting your name out there.

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That's it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out in the comments and let me know how you are doing on the 30 day plan.


Resources For You:

The three tools we use daily to grow our business and ourselves:

ClickTrackProfit: https://trckapp.com/refer-ctp/3Steps
List Nerds: https://trckapp.com/list-nerds-rw/3Steps
Plus 1 Success: https://trckapp.com/Plus-1-Success/3Steps

YOUR Turn! How has #3StepsNoExcuses helped you?

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