#3StepsToday: Content has to actually not suck to get upvotes. Be original.

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Today's post is a bit of a rant.

It's my first day of vacation. I have the next week off.

I logged in to do some curation. I ran into a wall of garbage posts.

This post is the result of such a morning. All names have been changed to protect the innocent. 😀

Where are the epic posts of original material?

I have two accounts. This one, and my curation one @threesteps. I want to give upvotes to good content. With that said, I come across a lot of what I consider low-quality material.

It happens. This is a public forum.

Let me be clear.

I am not talking about someone's ability to write in English or any other language. I will read through paragraphs of poorly-written English if what's being written about is interesting and the author has passion.

I'm talking about posts that are dry as toast and have no life.


If you are writing just to say you wrote something today, that's rough.

Yeah we all have days where we don't feel inspired or don't have that drive to go research something. I get it.

But that doesn't give anyone a reason to post what I call "meh"-level material and expect a 100% upvote.

On my curation account I look for specific tags first. That's the reason I made the account originally. Fortunately my two favorite hashtags aren't overrun with low-level material. I can consistently find good material under a few quality tags. Nice!

It's on the general platform where I find material that is just blah.

How do you write well? Write about something you're passionate about!

I'm no Hemingway. I can string some words together and that's all I'll claim. Yet I can usually find something to write about that I am passionate about.

What are YOU passionate about? Write about that.

Think about it - are there people on Hive that you like to read? I have a few myself, and it's typically people that are passionate about a specific topic.

Laser focused and tight writing. Yeah, that's what I like.

My curating friends on Hive are the same way. We have a finite amount of time each day, and are choosing to read and curate other's material.

No one wants to spend their time reading crap. So don't write it.


"This is an Attention Economy."

I like how @preparedwombat said it here in his post Random Advice for Hive Newbies:

This is an attention economy. You’ve got to post content that people will want to spend their time on. Sometimes, that means useful. Sometimes, that means entertaining. Sometimes, that means from the heart. But it never means taking shortcuts. Spamming and plagiarizing will earn you enemies rather than readers. You’ll get downvoted, your Reputation number will drop like a rock, and you will earn zero.

It's sad to see posts that don't have original thoughts and are just copy-pasta'ing all over the place.

/Rant over.

It's not often that I write posts that are that barbed, but in this case, I felt it was warranted.

Go out and create something UNIQUE.



Wall of Garbage™. Ask for it by name.

Appreciate it. Thanks for swinging by my post. Appreciated yours. Well-written.

And Wall-of-Garbage Sounds like a great account name on here that only reblogs bad posts. :) The only problem is that a reblog may actually encourage someone to keep writing that same kind of material.

Great article. I struggle to come up with interesting content.
I think you are absolutely correct about writing what you are passionate about.
Its a good thing I am passionate about internet Marketing

Indeed. Glad you are writing about your passion. :) It will come through in your writing. Others can sense when you write with authority and passion.

Well said. !BBH

You have some great points there. now very much afraid to post. I take forever why. ? I think if I missed spelled a word. Screwed up message so it doesn't say what I wanted
I'm always having to go back to what I said and redo a whole bunch of stuff on my small phone because that's what I'm using. Eventually I think that 99% of my words come out wrong and then many people say I don't understand what you said and I just repeat the same thing over again but I never get a reply to that which annoys me but anyway this is a great post and keep it up and keep your creative Spirit going

Please don't be afraid to post. :) That was never the intent of what I wrote.

I would encourage anyone to write on Hive. Just be original was my real ask of folks.

I know that my world and life has been like that . other have taught me to be paranoid and ashame of my self.

This was really good. Something that bears repeating every now and then. I do better with shorter posts even when I am talking about something I really like. I have repurposed my live descriptions from there to here. Do the work once, right?! 😃

Yeah, short posts work too. I don't ever write with the intent of hitting so many words. I've done that before on other platforms and it just seemed forced.

Word and page count requirements are too much of a reminder of my undergrad days writing papers and essay exams for my history classes. I would happily pay someone to write all my content for me. :-)
Have a great day!😀

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Epic post really enjoyed it. Just for the record I am a huge Futurama fan :-D Off to read "Random Advice For Hive Newbies" 👍

I love Futurama as well. My family and I quote it regularly, especially Kai, my 12 year old son. He loves Bender (of course).

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work