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Yesterday's ClickTrackProfit.com's live show with Jon and Blain really struck a chord with me. Blain was talking about evergreen products and how it's a win to promote them. I agree.

The thinking (and it's quite right) is that promoting evergreen products as an affiliate works well because:

  • These products are 'evergreen' in that they are needed long-term over time by marketers, and they stand the test of time. (Think hosting, autoresponders, tracking\analytics tools, training.)
  • These products usually have good affiliate programs since many are monthly subscriptions.
  • People stay loyal to these products month after month due to ease of use, earning you monthly commissions.
  • These should be products that YOU use yourself, making your own testimonials and reviews of these products credible.

It's this last point that I really want to talk about.

Why are you trying to sell something you don't even use?

When someone pitches me with a product, I think:

"How did it work out for you? What do YOU think about using xyz?"

If you don't use a product or service yourself, don't come to me asking me to buy it off of you.

That's disingenuous.

Instead, use the product or service yourself and then your review of the product will be legit and you can speak and write with authority.

Ok. Done with my rant. :)

My 3Steps.Today:

  1. Buy additional CTPSB and Index to increase my rewards in CTP and other tokens.
  2. Use List Nerds to send an email with bullet points.
  3. Watch the Plus 1 Success Day 3 Video "Take a Big Risk".

I am still working through 3 Steps Each day, but I am modifying them for now instead of just copying the 30 days again.

I'll be starting another pass through the #3StepsNoExcuses 30 day challenge again in a few days I think, since it was so successful the first time. My plan includes adding video, so I'll be making short videos for each of the 30 days.

First, I must get my site https://3Steps.Today in good working condition.

In my mind that takes precedence over everything exept my daily writing to keep myself "top of mind" and stack cypto.

That was my 3 steps for today. Here's how I did:


1. Buy additional CTPSB and Index to increase my rewards in CTP and other tokens.

I bought the following with fiat today:

55.000 CTPSB
9.8 Index

Both of these are what I personally consider 'investments' in long term APR tokens that will pay out over time.

This isn't buy n flip.

This is dollar cost averaging that I am starting with these - I'll consistently purchase and hold these as a long term investment, with regular purchase intervals.

After those purchases, my holdings in these two are:

INDEX Hive Engine Index 99.43
CTPSB CTP Swarm Booster 97.28

So I am almost at 100 tokens each. As I continue to invest in these and others, I'll post my purchases and results.

Please remember: I am not a financial advisor, and please don't invest more than you can afford to lose. What I post is my opinion only. :)

With that, let's move to List Nerds.


2. Use List Nerds to send an email with bullet points.

Over the course of the 30 day journey we just completed, I was able to send a significant number of emails, and sharpen my email marketing skills. Using List Nerds as a test bed really works quite well.

The screenshot above shows my latest email I just sent.

I added the "Thanks" at the end this time because my momma didn't raise me to be disrespectful. :D

I am quite happy with my results so far. I am starting to feel more adept at writing in a conversational way in my emails and much less sales-y.

As we learned during the last 30 days, short and to the point bullet points and sentences work since we have limited time to get a view then click from an email recipient.


3. Watch the Plus 1 Success Day 3 Video "Take a Big Risk".

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Day 3 Plus 1 Success Video. Jon shows the result of taking a calculated risk. This is a good training video because it shows a personal side and drives the point home.

For the 'big risk' today for me, it was the purchasing of additional crypto tokens on the Hive blockchain.

However, I don't invest more than I can afford to lose, and this was reasonable.

I believe in Hive and the Hive Blockchain.

Bringing it full circle:

How can I expect to ask people to spend money on my business if I am not willing to invest in myself? (Thanks Blain!)

That got me thinking about how I can double down more to show my dedication to the chain AND grow my accounts faster.

It's a multi-prong approach but in a nutshell:

  • Use a dollar cost averaging strategy to consistently purchase a modest amount of 'investment' tokens on the blockchain at a regular interval.
  • Stake em or hold em to earn over the long term.
  • Blog and curate consistently to build account value and a following.
  • For now, stake all CTP, Hive, Leo, PoB to grow in account value.
  • Grow @threesteps account by upvoting #3StepsToday or #3StepsNoExcuses content at 100% if possible.

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That's it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out to me if you have questions.


P.S. One last item:

I have created a 30 day free email course on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey mentioned above, and I'd really like to hear what you think about the content. You can sign up by clicking this link and then confirming your email address. The course lines up with the daily steps, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Also, I've created an account on Hive blockchain called @ThreeSteps. It's a curation account that upvotes quality content on the blockchain. Mention @ThreeSteps in your post and I'll swing by and take a look. This is a community tool to increase earnings of people who write good content. I will specifically look for and upvote #3StepsNoExcuses and #3StepsToday posts first. I upvote quality content, and stake 100% of the Hive, CTP, and #leo this account earns. That way votes from this account increase as fast as possible.


Good job! !BEER

Why thanks! Did you know that you and I are close on the CTP Richlist? You're 40th and I'm 42nd. :)

I came across this post in my feed and was wondering what #3StepsNoExcuses is all about. This is impressive! Basically all about pursing at least 3 goals per day and seeing them through. Am I right? I'd love to know more.

I'm glad your account is dedicated to voting quality contents and I'll be sure to use this tag on my posts as I get to understand what your account is all about. Great work investing in Hive! 🙂


Precisely. #3StepsNoExcuses is a solid 30 day challenge to do 3 simple steps each day. The goal is to be better at sunset than at sunrise each day. This technique works. I'm proof. If I can do it, anyone can.

As a group, CTP (Click Track Profit) went through this challenge and we had some stellar results. I posted my results here.

Instead of focusing on the big picture, we focus on one days' simple steps. I've created an entire site now off of the concept: https://3Steps.Today and have taken the 30 days of 3 steps and made it into a free course that walks you through it. You can see the sign up for that here.

It's been really rewarding for us to go through it, and I developed personally as a person and professionally as an affiliate marketer.

Nice to meet you, btw. I followed you. I see you're a writer.


Thank you for your response, @robwillmann. I have followed you and signed up for the email course. I hope to learn more about #3StepsNoExcuses. Great work! 🙂

Since you write (I am looking at your content now), I'd love any feedback on my e-course. If you're reading it and something doesn't make sense, let me know. Always in need of honest feedback.

And thank you so much for signing up. That means much to me. :)

  • Rob

Really? Hehehe, alright. I'll be sure to let you have my feedback. 🙂

interesting stuff! will have a look into it further, good work

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Thanks. I appreciate it. I am a musician as well. I followed you and will take a look at your links in the morning. It's late here and I am going to bed. :)

thanks bro!
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Why thanks! I appreciate it. +1