#3StepsToday - Is it really just wash, rinse, repeat? Yes.

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Each day for a while now I've been dedicating time each day to furthering myself and my business. It's paid off significantly for me in terms of my understanding of myself.

Performing any task or challenge over 30 straight days without stopping is something in and of itself.

Yet I can't stop there.

The goal of the challenge\journey (or adventure if your are Eliana) was to build habits that we could carry on with even after the challenge period of 30 days was over.

I am quite thankful that some of the habits we covered stuck. As I am going back over the material now to plan more content, and my videos, I realize there were a LOT of nuggets of truth dispersed throughout the 30 days.

Here's a good one, and the title of the post sort of gives it away:

YES, it really is largely just showing up every day and doing the work.

**That's probably one of the biggest nuggets you can mine out of the CTP mine. **Jon is a master at presenting that in different ways in the videos. Yet it's true.

With that, here's....

My 3Steps.Today:

  1. Expand your Hive Network: Curate posts by accounts that you haven't reached out to before.
  2. Start gathering emails and writing emails for the 7 day Auto messages in List Nerds.
  3. Watch Plus 1 Success Day 6 Video: "Start Something"

Let's get started!


^ I love the fact that I earn CTP by curating others and leaving contents with my @threesteps account. This screenshot is me staking CTP that was a daily reward for the account.

1. Expand your Hive Network: Curate posts by accounts that you haven't reached out to before.

I decided to reach out side of my circle and engage with someone in the #proofofbrain community. I upvoted and started following folks that write stuff I like. I befriended @madstacks and upvoted on his post, since he got a job.

Congrats! https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@madstacks/i-got-the-job

I always like congratulatory posts like that on Hive, and this is a good once.


2. Start gathering emails and writing emails for the 7 day Auto messages in List Nerds.

I've put this off for too long. I upgraded to the max level in List Nerds and in doing so, one of the perks is the ability to set seven different emails to go out on a schedule - one for each day. Brilliant!

I haven't used it up until now, except when I was tinkering with one day on the list.

The rest of the 6 days need to be filled in with emails so that I can completely automate that part for a while. It only makes sense to do so, since this will make sure that my emails go out and are pulling people toward my funnel and my blog.

That's the goal, right? :)

I am going to go ahead and send a manual message this evening since I have one ready, and then go ahead and plug in the remaining ones for the other days. I will still be monitoring List Nerds daily since I track everything.

Speaking of which, here's my current Leads Leap stats showing my conversions from List Nerds emails to subscribers on my funnel:

Listnerds2181551383 (1.94%)

**Impressive! **

2% return is great than a large number of other mailers I've advertised on. This just goes to show that List Nerds is a quality mailing list.

2021-04-20 23_49_14-Plus1Success - Brave.png

3. Watch Plus 1 Success Day 6 Video: "Start Something"

I truly enjoy watching these videos on Plus 1 Success. They're a great mixture of encouragement and practicality in each video.

The perfect time to start any endeavor is right now. And in this case, it's true.

I was thinking of something that Blain said the other day in our private Telegram channel and realized I needed to do the same to my list: once you know the cost, and how much you earn per engagement, and how much each engagement costs to obtain, it's just a matter of scale.

I have been using a specific source for paid traffic to go by my funnel, and I decided to increase my daily hit maximum and scale up, since based on my numbers this was going to be profitable.

I like the fact that as marketers, if we're empirical it's just a matter of testing, documenting, and making slight adjustments over time to improve our results.

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That's it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out to me if you have questions.


P.S. One last item:

I have created a 30 day free email course on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey mentioned above, and I'd really like to hear what you think about the content.

You can sign up by clicking this link and then confirming your email address. The course lines up with the daily steps, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Also, I've created an account on Hive blockchain called @ThreeSteps. It's a curation account that upvotes quality content on the blockchain. Mention this account in your post and I'll swing by and take a look. This is a community tool to increase earnings of people who write good content. I will specifically look for and upvote # 3StepsNoExcuses and # 3StepsToday posts first. I upvote quality content, and stake 100% of the Hive, CTP, and #leo this account earns. That way votes from this account increase as fast as possible.


There is so much good material here I had to bookmark it. Thanks for going above and beyond :-)

Yep, lots of great content and information here for sure. I'm enrolled in your 30 day email course and have learned a lot. Writing is one of my weaknesses that I have been working on for a long time. I had started writing post and then stopped after getting comments that I should use my own content. I actually was using my own content. I have been a technical writer for nearly 30 years, writing How To Manuals, Courses, Software Designs, etc. I think the format and method of my writing is what lead to some thinking I was using some purchased or free stuff.

I need to just keep doing it and change my style of writing and make it more personal.

Yeah, I get the whole tech writing portion. I write a good deal at my day job for a software company, so I know that end of it.

I find that when I use my own voice, it works. Sometimes I am a bit stiff in my writing and I have to go back and make it sound more like something I'd say rather than an essay.