#3StepsToday - What are you waiting for? Get off the sidelines!

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Some days are easier to do than others, and today was one of the days that seemed more difficult from a brain perspective for me.

I had to really work on my thought process today.

It's Sunday, which means I am also working on writing the Sunday @threesteps account update where I go over the stats for that account. I enjoy upvoting with that account.

Keep reading below, there's some fun stuff for today. :)

I am still coming up with 3 steps to work on each day for myself since I haven't started the next iteration of the 30 days.

No matter what part of the affiliate marketing journey you are on, write down 3 short, simple steps that you would like to accomplish for the day. Try to be better at sundown than at sunrise. Do this daily and win.

Whatever you do, get off the sidelines!

If I can do this, so can you. I'm someone who struggles with getting stuff done due to brain fog after an injury and taking care of my wife. But I've found if I just spend a little more effort on what I am working on, great things happen.

With that, here's....

My 3Steps.Today:

  1. Add value to the CTPTalk platform by using it to upvote others with good content.
  2. Increase my earnings in Index as part of my long-term dollar cost averaging plan.
  3. Watch Plus1Success.com video for Day 4 - "Try Something New"

Let's go through each one.


1. Add value to the CTPTalk platform by using it to upvote others with good content.

Ever since creating the @threesteps account for curation and some commenting, I've begun commenting a whole lot more with both accounts, and I've begun to notice the Hive rewards.

As far as posting goes, I find that if I can write a post that can fit a couple of categories or tribes, I can earn crypto across multiple 2nd layer tokens from one post with the right (appropriate!) tags on the post.

Please don't use this as an opportunity to shit-post. If your post doesn't fit a community in some way, don't tag it with their community tag just for the eyeballs on it. Ick.

How amazing is it that you can earn Hive, CTP, Leo, PoB, and others on the same post!

Mind blown.

I've decided to stabilize down to 4 crypto tokens for the @threesteps account to focus on staking:

  • Hive - Duh. This is a no-brainer.
  • CTP - Since the whole start of this account was for a challenge on the CTPTalk platform, this makese sense. Gotta support local.
  • LEO - I wasn't necessarily posting crypto or financial posts so I wasn't so sure how I would cross over into Leo. Well I purchased some and staked it (I now have 213.999 Leo power). At least now when I upvote, my Leo payouts are better.
  • PoB - (Proof of Brain) - This is a community that's new to me. I've begun to really take an interest in their posts and the crypto itself. Current 1 PoB token = $0.286 USD (as of 4/17/21 @ 11:55p). I don't have much of this at all, but after perusing their https://proofofbrain.io site, I think this is a tag I would feel fine with using on my entrepreneurial 'how to''s about my #3StepsToday and @threesteps account.

Next let's talk about Index token.


2. Increase my earnings in Index as part of my long-term dollar cost averaging plan.

I purchased another ~ 100 USD worth of Hive and used part of it to increase my holdings in Index as well, since I definitely consider Index to be a long-term buy for me. (I know the creators of it. :D)

I'm now up to holding 344 Index. If you're not familiar with the H-E Index token, it's 100% backed by the tokens it represents. You can read about Hive Engine Index here: https://he-index.io/

I am happy with the 344 I hold now, and will continue to purchase these on a regular basis as part of my long-term dollar cost averaging plan.


3. Watch Plus1Success.com video for Day 4 - "Try Something New"

Once logged in to Plus 1 Success, I found and watched the "Try Something New" video. I decided that for something new I would post a short video of my cat to see if I could get a 'personal side' engagement since people like animals. Meh. Results were tepid.

But hey, that's a good thing right? I learned that for me and for what I do, maybe that isn't what my audience is looking for, or I just don't have a following of people who seek cat videos.

Upgrade: I got a new chair based on word of mouth

I decided that with how much I spend sitting in my basement office, I needed a better chair. I think you can see by the photos below that I needed a new one.

Here's my old chair held together by duct tape.


I was in a Zoom with @maddogmike and he has a decent chair, so I asked him about it, and he recommended a chair from SecretLab.co. I went to their site, looked over their chairs, and picked a new one.

It arrived today and my son and I put it together.

Here's my NEW chair.


I gotta admit. This is the first brand new office chair I have owned in my life. I've never bought a new one before, only second-hand chairs from the thrift store.

After only a short time in my new chair I can already feedl the difference. 100% worth it. :)

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That's it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out to me if you have questions.


P.S. One last item:

I have created a 30 day free email course on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey mentioned above, and I'd really like to hear what you think about the content. You can sign up by clicking this link and then confirming your email address. The course lines up with the daily steps, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Also, I've created an account on Hive blockchain called @ThreeSteps. It's a curation account that upvotes quality content on the blockchain. Mention @ThreeSteps in your post and I'll swing by and take a look. This is a community tool to increase earnings of people who write good content. I will specifically look for and upvote #3StepsNoExcuses and #3StepsToday posts first. I upvote quality content, and stake 100% of the Hive, CTP, and #leo this account earns. That way votes from this account increase as fast as possible.


What an interesting read...I love it

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Thanks so much. :)

I saw where you didn't have any followers yet so I followed you. Nice to meet you!

Thanks Rob
I love your passion about internet marketing and your articles are very well done. I admire your writing skills.
There is a lot to learn about Hive and all the various tokens. I am still learning. I havent figured out the best tokens yet.
This article was very informative and I learned a little bit more. I will have to learn more about the hive engine index. It sounds interesting