Daily effort pays off. Keep at it! Here's how I am doing with #myHiveGoals

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Heya all!

Edited to add my 3Speak video now that it's done.

Today was an enjoyable day. I was able to record my dad joke with my son which is always a treat. I've also spent a good deal of time working on keeping the house clean. My wife has been out of town for the last couple of days and I wanted to make sure everything was in great shape when she came home today.

I am encouraged by the daily increases in my crypto holdings, and my onward progress toward my dad joke goals and my blogging. It's all staring to pay off and increase bit by bit, and for me that's encouraging.

#MyHiveGoals and the momentum :)


Today: 566
GOAL: 2500
Percentage: 22.6

It's encouraging to see this one go up every day. :) Steady content creation, commenting and upvoting has been doing it. :)


Today: 12328
GOAL: 25,000
Percentage: 48.8

I am keeping some of this currently in liquid form, since I am donating 2000 of my CTP toward Eliana's prize. This number keeps increasing as well.

Dad Jokes

Today: 96
GOAL: 250
Percentage: 38.4

We keep making these every day. I enjoy the fact that my son and I get to bring some cheer into the lives of others in the form of corny jokes.

RobWillmann.com Blog

Today: 23
GOAL: 25
Percentage: 92%

I still need to to 2 more blog posts to make this one a done deal. At that point I will increase this to 50 or so, and keep writing.

Join me in my #MyHiveGoals Journey!
Want to post your own goals and join me in the challenge? Great! Here's my original post with the rules:


Be sure to tag your post with #MyHiveGoals and post it on the blockchain.

Peace and Love,


P.S. In case you haven't heard Jon O and Blain launched a terrific new site: https://plus1success.com/robwillmann

It's all about doing small steps so that you end today just slightly better than yesterday. I am a big fan. :) I signed up almost immediately because I am quite familiar with the quality associated with these two. I was not disappointed. Their daily videos and ebook are a big win.

Check it out yourself:

Today's Cover photo:


Keep up the good work with your goals, I am not good at goals myself as I tend to break them. Glad to see you doing so well.

Thanks. I went by your profile page and followed you.

As far as goals, I recently read a book recommended by Lisa Gentile, called 'Consistency is the New Currency'. Transformed how I do things.

And it's easy to make and acheive goals as long as you aren't trying to reach the moon yet. Set reasonable goals that you know you can do. This will give you momentum. :)

You are growing really fast Rob, keep up your good work.

Thanks. I know that over time this will all pay off significantly. Just doing it daily has been a struggle now that I am back at work during the hours I formerly used to work on my site and goals. I am a family man, married 21 years with 2 kids, so my time is a very precious comodity.

Thanks for your progress updates Rob! Always inspiring to see your progress and reinforcement that daily efforts do pay off.


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I like the fact that we all lift each other up. :)

Moving up, keep creating great content! I've just started creating on Hive so I may create a goal list as well. Good thinking, thank you!

It's only been a few months for me on here, but I do want to encourage you. Keep at it. The little steps each day add up over time to be something tremendous.

Absolutely! Already seeing huge growth. Thank you for the motivation :)

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Nice! 2000 upvotes. Moving on' up. :)

You're on it :) Good luck with your goals.

Thanks. Luck isn't needed if you have persistence. :D