#marketing - Click Through Rate from my own list is always the highest.

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Hey all. I've been using my @threesteps account so much for curation and publishing my daily #3StepsNoExcuses journey that I kept putting off my posts for my main account here.

I decided to post my daily account of the 3 steps on my other account, and that makes sense considering my threesteps curation account is all about that topic. Anything else I can post from my rob account here and have some separation from the two. Easy peasy.

Results are in. Your own List does the best.

I was talking with @jongolson about this, and being able to direct your own traffic by posting to your own list is a huge deal.

Here's a screenshot from my LeadsLeap tracking url. I wanted to make a couple observations.

2021-05-15 18_11_53-LeadsLeap Members Area - Brave.png

  • Notice the source "rwlist" has the highest response percentage at 46.15%. Wanna know why? That's my main email list. More on this momentarily.
  • Even though EasyHits4u (the top source) has the highest number of responses, the response percentage is ~ 1%. That's not bad considering the traffic source.
  • ListNerds is my testbed for new emails. 3.5% response rate is excellent.
  • LeadsLeap always does well for me because I am an upgraded member and can send updates to my followers.

My own email list outperforms all other sources.

Hands down, my own mailing list (the rwlist source) crushes the others.


People do business with those they know, like and trust.

The folks on my mailing list know me. They've read my emails. When I recommended my 30 day e-course, almost half responded.

This is why you will continuously hear the message that you must build your own list. When you control your own list, you can create some of the highest-converting traffic possible by simply sending your already existing subscribers to your URL.

Short post today. :) I just wanted to toss this little nugget out there.

Be sure to follow the @threesteps account I have since it's where I do all the curation from.

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That can’t be driven more home enough @robwillmann - it’s so key. CTR’s can be misleading, because as you pointed out the source should be considered especially when we track our advertising.

The numbers from your “rwlist” are what we as marketers should be striving for. If you are driving REAL traffic from your list that’s what’s up 😎

You are a beast #mrthreesteps

Exactly. I deal with math and numbers all day at work, and there's a million ways you can slice and dice data. I had a customer the other day tell me: "I don't think the data looks right on this chart.". I told them the data was EXACTLY right, given how our software works, the math transformations they applied to their underlying data, and the shape of the underlying data itself.

Same thing here. You have to make sure you are looking at the right metrics to make the right decisions.

For example:

  • Don't use a single mailing to determine anything. Too small a sample size makes variance too wide. UNLESS the results are so obvious that it's a no-brainer.
  • Run the same mailing more than once, then take an average.
  • And if you see spikes and dips, ask why. Look at the context.

I should post more about data interpretation. I love this stuff.

Honestly, that would be helpful; if you covered data. Especially, that you are passionate about it.

Yeah, I may do just that. I have it listed as a future topic to write about. I may bump it up the list. :)

This speaks very highly not just about email marketing, but of the quality and responsiveness of your list. That being said you must have done well at cultivating relationships with your subscribers. 😀

Thanks Chris. I love my list, and I need to nurture more relationships from it. I even offer a free ad upgrade (add a photo and colorized) for anyone who wants one. I say it in the welcome email, and in the indoctrination email, and when I send out posts, and so few people take advantage of getting a free ad.