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Heya all!

July 3rd Update for #MyHiveGoals.

I worked on my own private goals, including working on my email auto-responder. I spend at least 25 minutes per day working on this, largely because my auto-responder is my biggest money maker. I am able to steer my subscribers toward my blog and my recommendations, and it's been working. This really helps.

I've also noticed that my Hive crypto has been increasing consistently now that I am working on publishing on the block-chain every day in some form. This really adds up. That and my subscriber numbers on peakd have gone up some, largely because I've begun reaching out to different groups on the block-chain. This really helps as well since additional followers = more people who see my material in their feed, and will upvote.

I am looking forward to what the last day of July looks like compared to now. It's all slowly increasing momentum. :)

Here's #myhivegoals and how I've progressed for July 3, 2020


Previous: 512.9
Today: 526.6
+13.7 Hive
GOAL: 2500
Percentage: 21%

Really encouraged by this. I also discovered the Hive PowerUpDay (PUD) and will be holding onto my hive in liquid form, and powering up monthly to see how I fare in the competition. :) Since it's based on a percentage, I think I may do fairly well. Hitting 500 Hive and over a million on the hivebuzz.me, it does now show my status as a minnow instead of redfish. Woohoo!


Previous: 11554
Today: 11675
+121 CTP tokens
GOAL: 25,000
Percentage: 46.7%

Getting really close to 50% toward my goal. This is exciting to watch. I would be further along if I hadn't spent some of my CTP on Firepay upgrades. :) I am now just paying cash for those, and instead keeping the CTP powered up for the benefit of the APR and my voting strength.

Dad Jokes

Previous: 86
Today: 87
+1 joke
GOAL: 250
Percentage: 34.8%

My son Kai and I have created another dad joke. This is a wonderful process and the hilight of my day. I love watching his response to these jokes and watching him develop. Now that I have so many of them, it's interesting to look back at the jokes from 3 months ago and seeing how he's grown. Wow!

RobWillmann.com Blog

Previous: 22
Today: 22
+0 blog post
GOAL: 25
Percentage: 88%

I wrote a blog post tonight, but didn't increase my statistic. The article is written and spellchecked, but I haven't put it on my blog yet. (I let them rest 24 hours first, so that I can have a chance to edit them and spellcheck them.)

Join me in my #MyHiveGoals Journey!
Want to post your own goals and join me in the challenge? Great! Here's my original post with the rules:


Be sure to tag your post with #MyHiveGoals and post it on the blockchain.

Peace and Love,


P.S. In case you haven't heard Jon O and Blain launched a terrific new site: https://plus1success.com/robwillmann

It's all about doing small steps so that you end today just slightly better than yesterday. I am a big fan. :) I signed up almost immediately because I am quite familiar with the quality associated with these two. I was not disappointed. Their daily videos and ebook are a big win.

Check it out yourself:

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Nice to see you doing well and that your family is also OK!

Thanks for the mention in the video and thanks for the advice of focusing on one person... I'm trying to be as much possible "natural" on camera, but I have a problem with live stream stuff, so I have to improve that... and I have to improve that a lot...

I will try to "implement" your recipe of focusing on one person and I hope it will help... :)

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You're really making some great progress on your hive goals. Thanks for sharing this with us. I do better with small incremental steps than huge massive action. Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!