A Moment of my Time and I won $62

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Every week @jongolosn and @blainjones hold live stream webinars

The foundation of their webinars is based around HIVE, CTPTalk and the main program is Click Track Profit

On Monday is Crypto Mondays and on Thursdays is Thursday Night Live both at 8pm Eastern American time

The live shows are shown on various different platforms, http://ctptalk.com VIMM Live – D Tube, 3 speak, You Tube, Face book, Twitter, etc, just about all the social media platforms.

The information contained in these live Webinars is invaluable and will always provide you with tools, tips and information to help you build your online business.

The community is a strong effective and spirited community with people always willing to help you on your journey.

An extra bonus is that Jon and Blain give away prizes to participants at the live shows. These come in the form of CTP Tokens, CTP Miners, HIVE and sometimes wheel spins for the Prize Wheel at Click Track Profit.

Today it was Wheel Spins

On the Prize Wheel you can win prizes at Click Track Profit such as XP Points, Hunt Tokens to participate in promotional games at Click Track Profit, Coffee Mugs, Badges etc, But the big Draw is the Cash Jackpot

You will notice the Cash Jackpot is currently sitting at $5

That’s because as a result of attending the Live Show today I won the Jackpot which was just over $60

I will write this again

I won $62 for attending the Live Webinar by @jongolson and @blainjones

For more information about the webinar you can go to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ClickTrackProfit Make sure you like and watch a replay, also make sure you get notified when the next live show will take place

Or visit @clicktrackprofit on the Blockchain

If you are not a member of Click Track Profit then click on the link below to become a member now, you will not regret doing so
Join Click Track Profit Here

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Thanks for hanging out man, and for all the amazing stuff you do here. So cool to see you win that live :)

And that @maddogmike didn't win this time...A small miracle ;)

Yeah, it would have been a travesty if Mike had won , lol someones got to pip him at the post :)

Thanks heaps for the work that both you and Blain do and for the excellent platform that is Click Track Profit :)

That is really cool. Congrats!

Hi @invest4free , thanks fo the grats :)

Congratulations on the win!

Thanks Billy @billybohner :) it was a nice win

That was a good jackpot congrats on the win :)

Hi @howyf2 - It is a nice win indeed :)

WTG Russell on the wheel spin win in click track profit. keep on spinning

Hi Eric @ericburgoyne - Its nice to be a spinner winner :)

Congrats @Russellstockley

WOW, Thats Great Next Time Am Going To Participate In The Live Webinar So I Can Learn About Click Track Profit and Earn Some CTP.

Congrats on the win, Russ!

But, the most important thing is that you have broken the @maddogmike CTP Wheel Curse! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

It was a good win :) and now maybe we have broken the curse life will return to normal

WOW, cool! What an incentive for participating in the webinars!

it was great to hear your were the winner.
what time was it for you?
it was funny when Blain was like I don;t know when it will pays....
as I think u r the first winner for the CTP 2.0 wheel

It was great to hear I won, I was suprised as I always get the black bits lol