Another Chat about Cyber Security and Fact Or Crap - Russells Chatter

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Hi Folks

Welcome to Russell's Chatter where I will ramble of things that have happened, stories, tales, and journey's that I have taken on many paths.

Some will be my own travels and some will be about Online business.

I will promote various programs that I am a part of and in this respect they will be programs that are part of my Programs That Work Network

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me

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Hi everyone

Good to see you back, Russell... And bad to hear that you had again security issues... It makes you wonder... How is your relatioship with your partner? Are you good with her lately? 🤣 🤣 🤣

Crap-Fact-Fact... I suppose :)

Hi Zoltan - I know right, and she was the last one to use it :)

1 Crap
2 Fact
3 Fact

I just checked out the Canadian flag to be sure.

Good to see you per normal Russell.

Hi Tom, good to see you , :)

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