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Communities come together because they have common interests, common goals and common challenges. Communities also need the sideways thinkers the ones that will challenge a community to a greater understanding a greater knowledge base and a greater capacity to overcome challenges.

Communities are strong forces and are positively driven by the common motivation, and that is to make the community paradigm an even stronger one.

A Community is a collective, it is the collective that sets the ideology and directions that a community follows.

Communities can be very positive and supportive and at times very protective, through the protectiveness communities can also be harsh at times.

Do something in a community that the community doesn’t support or like and before you know it separation occurs and in the case of centralised communities, even banishing, suspension and expelling.

Communities can be so strong that an action way over there, spreads like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the age old Physics analogy and that action has repercussions way over here

I have told this story before but will tell it again

A little story,
Years ago (Makes me sound Old, Back in My Day) I lived in the Bush (Australian for in the wild, trees, forest, scrub, but not the Outback, which is further out where there is nothing) any way I lived on a road that was 50kilometers long, a close knit community with only approximately 25 families along the road. There was a ridge road just near where I lived and the young boys from the valley over used to ride their trail bikes to the road that I lived on and catch the school bus every morning.

Everyone knew everyone and their bikes were perfectly safe.

One day, I heard one of the boys bikes start up and head down the road, hmm, I thought, Ben must be heading to a mates house,

I could hear the school bus coming, the bus had a horn that used to blast out as it was a very narrow, winding dirt road that we lived on.

About 5 minutes later the bus came around the corner and Ben jumped off at my place and yelled out, that was my bike that just went down the road.

I lived with no electrickery or phone, but the neighbour down the road had a phone, so jumped in my car and went to neighbours house, I rang another community member way down the road and asked them to create a roadblock to stop the bike from getting out the valley. The community was strong and we would do anything for each other so this was a request we we knew would be upheld.

We then headed down the road, we got to the roadblock and they had not seen the bike at all, so we retraced the steps. Eventually we found tracks leading into a property we knew had just been sold and followed the tracks even further and found hidden behind some trees and bushes the bike and the person who had taken it, with spray can in hand in the process of respraying.

We confronted the bloke and took the bike back, he was flummoxed as to how we found him, I explained that this was a community and this community engaged with each other and communicated with each other. It was not hard to find him. I also explained that as a new member of this community he had done something intrinsically wrong and that it would take a very long time for this community to show him any trust. If he expected to become a part of the community then he shouldn’t have started by becoming apart from the community
He was apologetic and said that it was opportunistic of him to take the bike, I said, well that is the sort of behaviour that is not appreciated, and he is the one that had set his path.

Anyway, long, long story short, this person began to build a house on the block of land that he purchased. Every time he put up footings and piers for the substructure the teenagers would go and knock them down, not that this was behaviour we recommended but it happened, nevertheless.

After about 6 months, the teens got bored with their mild retribution and moved on to other things, the man continued to build his house , however it was at least 3 years before any members of the community would show him a level of trust that would see him start to fit in, however full trust never eventuated.


Ok the Point.

There is strength in Community and when entering into a new community it is best to get a feel for what is happening, where it is that you can fit in.

All communities hve soplinters, eg : HIVE is the community and HIVE has multiple sub communities,

There will alwasy be a place where you can fit, Its just a matter of locating it without blindly enetering in like the proverbial Bull in a China shop

Treat your community well, show them respect and commitment to support and they will return the same degree of connection.
Be the person that


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Great story, Russell!

Established communities have their code, but simple "common sense" and behavior are enough to plug into it... I can say for our CTP Swarm that everyone is welcomed, and we do get new members regularly... Some of them fit and stay, others find another community that suits them more... It's fine, and it should be like that...

But, we do care about each other, and if you are thinking like that, you are welcomed!

(and I don't mean at you... :) but on reader...)

all communities have a so called code of conduct, it is common sense. all communities, whether here on HIVE or in the physical world are welcoming and one must alwasy be mindful of reciprocal respect and not go in blindly thinking that my way is understood by others

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Thanks for sharing this nice story. The guy started really in the worst way possible :-). I take something a bit different from it. When somebody joins a community, I believe it's important that the community tells newbies what can be accepted and what not. Like that tensions can be avoided from the very beginning.

He did Achim, however when ever anyone enters something new, it is their responsibility to look and see where they fit the slot, and anyone that things, new places and spaces means a free for all is blind to social and cultural awareness

What a great story that serves as a reminder that once trust is's not always even possible to build it back. Respect your community, both offline and online and be honest. You can't buy integrity!

Thanks for this post, Russell. Community is so important. PS. I know I've said this a few times but you are such a great writer. I literally felt like I was with you as I was reading it. Keep on writing! :D

Thanks for dropping in Janelle - Respect is the first and foremost action that we should always be mindful of.

and thanks for the kind words re my writing, I try to share my experiences

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