Do you give yourself Silence ?


Every single day we encounter objects, people, places, processes, and even silence and if we don’t encounter or experience silence then we need to take the time out from everything else so that we do.

It is in the moments of silence that we can reflect, Reflect on the day, reflect on the week, reflect on the silence and reflect on all that we encounter on a regular basis.

If it wasn’t for all of the things, the content that creates our context then we would not be where we are today.

Do we show gratitude on a daily basis for our content?
Do we show gratitude on a daily basis for our Context?

Every day we should be taking the time to reflect and show gratitude for at least one aspect of our journey that day. It might be the bus that we caught, the person in the shop that allowed you through the door first, the hot water that we use to wash our dishes and shower with, the fact that we have water at all or even the fact that in a world as crazy as this we are still able to traverse the path of life itself.

We might sit in that moment of silence, that moment of reflection and show gratitude for having a place to sit and reflect, we might sit in that moment of silence and express gratitude that we were able to achieve something that day.

No matter what we start to express gratitude for, we will soon realise that there is a myriad of other people, processes and or objects that have played a part in what we are expressing gratitude for, and that then expands our realm of gratitude to encompass all that was involved.

When I was on a full blown Spiritual Path we were taught ‘Warm Water Gratitude’, this is one of the simplest practices to get into the habit of and allows us to extend our concepts and extend our understanding.

Express gratitude for the warm water, then there is those that work so that we can have water, those that work so we can have warm water, those behind the scenes that make hot water system, the notion of heat coming from electricity, those involved in getting electricity to us, those involved in the product use to generate electricity, be it solar, coal, water itself or even trees.


No matter what we start to express gratitude for it will always go back to Nature itself, and gratitude for the planet we live on

This then demonstrates to us that we are just a part of the overall picture and that one small thing can lead us to that greater understanding that our primary goal is to nurture, even if it is just a survival mechanism because if we do not nurture then we do not survive.

The time and effort we put into supporting growth of any kind will be reflected in our own growth.

This is not just a lesson in life but a lesson in all processes that we engage in duri9ng ourt life.

That which we give today will have a legacy for tomorrow


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One of the most important parts of my life is silence... I needed more times during the day and I can't imagine life without it...

And your title triggered another thought in me... Do you give yourself Silence ?
Like... Do I keep my mouth shut when I want to brag about myself, about me, me, and me... when my ego is screaming and want to show its face? Sometimes, we have these internal battles, and we should silence ourselves... push back negative stuff, to leave space for positive...

I know that this wasn't the point of your post, but wanted to let it out... :)

Your second point is a very valid one for everybody, sometimes the silence of humility is essential

I find that people that need to toot their own horn are living in fear that they are not matching up to a perceived marker set by others.

When one is comfortable in their own skin their is no concept of having to match to others expectations.

i have done a lot of things in my life, had many experiences and have learnt many skills, however the best skill I have learnt is that we determine our belief in someone by their actions, not just their words :)

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Being grateful for everything. We all need silence.

We ceratinly do , being able to have tyhe silence of self reflection is essential for grounding ourselves in reality