Don’t be Complacent with your HIVE Account

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So I was minding my own business , looking at one of those Centralized Social Media platform, Face Book in fact,

When I saw a post on my Feed that was from the HIVE.Blog Face book Page, They had reposted my profile pic with a promise of 10,000 HIVE Giveaway

So I clicked on the post, and it took me to the HIVE.Blog Face book Page, I looked at the post and thought this looks very suss, so I added a comment to the post,

this looks suss and unreputable I wrote

Then I left the page.

That was two days ago

Overnight I found that my HIVE account had been hacked.

They accessed HIVE Engine and cleaned me out of all Liquid HIVE and other Tokens.(Yes all Liquid and started power down and un-staking processes)

The account that it all went to is there in the transactions.

Many of my friends that are diligent in monitoring HIVE activity alerted me to the fact.

Now how did they get into my account, I still do not know, I had not entered my passwords into anything, so it is still a mystery.

Big Lesson learnt.

I will be monitoring my account activity very closely from here on out.

I will be changing my passwords and Keys on a regular basis.

If I see any more activity on the account that is not of my doing I will close this account and start a fresh one.

But what I urge people to do is

  • always monitor the activity on your account
  • Always change the passwords and keys on a regular basis , especially if you see unauthorised activity (If you need to know how, let me know and I will add how to in your comment)
  • And stay away from any links that appear in your feed from HIVE.

Lesson Learnt, Dollars Lost, but we move on and keep on keeping on, because that is what we do

Thanks to all the community members that alerted me to the issue and thanks to all those that have offered support


I am very sorry this happened to you Russell, and I hope that they will not be able to hack more people and steal their funds, and great that you are taking action to protect your account, keep up your awesome work.

Hello @flaxz - Thanks for your awareness and support. Bery happy to have this sorted

I saw this discussion in Telegram yesterday, Russell. I would sure appreciate some tips on monitoring my account to check for unauthorized activity. I already use Hive Keychain. Love that extension. Happy to hear it got sorted out and resolved

Hello Lisa , I will put together a page for you today and send to you via Telegram :)

Hi Russell! I have taken all my keys off my computer and besides having them printed out I have them on thumb drive that doesn't attached to my computer. Have a nice evening! 😀

I meant to add that I am sorry it happened to begin with. Thank you for sharing the advice.

that sucks.

I want to thank you for sharing the bad experience.
The rest of us can learn a very valuable lesson.
Change those passwords.
Mine will all get changed today.

Hi @andrewn - Diligence is the key

Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, Russell. Thanks for letting us all know. If you know the Hive username of who did it, is it possible to blacklist the account? Not sure what can be done with a decentralized platform when this happens...

I do know the HIVE Username, it is an account obviously specifically set up for this activity.
and they are moving the HIVE on from it very quickly.

It is a live and learn experience and in a way I am happy that it happened because I get to share the experience with others and hopefully make people more diligent about their accounts,

It will take some time to get the HIVE back but at least I was able to stop the power downs

Wow. And great advice. Sorry for your loss.

Hi @bradleyarrow be on guard at all times :) without it becoming an obsession of course

I'm so sorry this happened to you Russell! :(

Thank you for sharing so that we all can be aware that this can happen and to be more vigilant! Lee :)

Hi @griega , The more awareness there is the better we become

Thanks for creating this post for raising awareness about this problem...
Sorry for being hacked... :( It sucks...

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@ph1102 it does suck, but out of every negative comes a positive, being able to make people more aware that this is possible will hope fully go a long way

So sorry you were hacked. I thought this was near impossible to do. Thanks for the heads up.

so did I Bob, so did I, and the weird thing is I only clicked on the post to add a negative comment, didn't click on any links in the post,
but hey, live and learn

Sorry to hear that...
But I am still wounding how they get the keys may be from the cookies, I guess if we save the password in browser that can also be stolen.

Hi @guurry123, I agree do not ever save passwords in Browser, this is one thing I never do, so still perplexing

Ttrange.....any update form developer???

didn't even go there, even though I have the transaction history. the account it went to has moved it on very quickly

So sorry to hear that. It feels really bad when your hard-earned money get stolen. We need to be more careful when we click links. Thank you @russellstockley for sharing this and spreading awareness.

Hi @rezoanulvibes

avoid all links, lol
This was what I clicked on in Facebook

@fredrikaa made a post about fake giveaway notification on Facebook. I think this is the same that you are talking about.

Sorry this happened to you Russell. It sucks that there are dishonest people out there that do these things. I guess it's a good lesson for all of us to pay close attention and take precautions against it happening to any more of us.

@maddogmike - yep diligence is the catch phrase for today :)

Sorry for that Rusell.I had other expiriance from other site....In telegram i join some group for that specific program and somone contact me in pm like that he own it and to send him money-so i did.Was big lesson too...

Hi @elizabetamt - just gotta keep eyes open at all times

Sorry about the news of your account being hacked... it's never fun. You'll earn more because you share how to keep it happening from others. Thank you.

Keep looking up and you'll have what you lost in no time.

i hope the rest of week goes better for you.

Hi @bonnieroberts I have no doubt my account will bounce back quite quickly

I saw how your ctps were dumped on the market and really wondered what was happening. Sorry for your loss and thanks for telling us about it.

I think that @ph1102 said that the funds were directly transfered to bittrex. So it might be worth to inform that these transactions were of stolen goods so that bittrex can at least block this account. It's much more difficult to create new accounts on bittrex than on hive. This would maybe prevent such things from this user.

So it might be worth to inform that these transactions were of stolen goods so that bittrex can at least block this account

Actually, that's a good idea... I suppose that his Bittrex account isn't verified (KYC), but anyways, a good idea to poke Bittrex.. ;)

so I sent in a ticket to @bittrex

They have basically said that they cannot do anything as all Transactions may have been legitimate

I Made it clear that the information I provided (Transaction Histories from @jansechai01 account) was for their information only.

The exact response I would have expected :)

Hi @achim03 - will follow the advice and send Bittrex a note , for their information