Five More Ways To Accumulate Free Crypto

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I wanted to let you know about some more legitimate ways to earn Free Crypto currency, of which there are quite a few.

Maybe too many to list here, however if you are familiar with the program Start Earning Today you will already know about programs such as Freebitco and HIVE and the CTP talk tribe on HIVE with CTP Tokens. (If you don't know about Start Earning today , then comment below I will send you some info)

However there are 5 sites that I have in my arsenal and I use every day, and have been for a while now, to accumulate crypto currency, all you have to do is claim whenever you want.

The amounts you claim are directly deposited into your Coin Pot Wallet where you can then send to any Crypto address you wish

The first thing that is needed is a Coinpot account, this is free to join and is used as your wallet for the five sites I am going to list below.

You can get a Coinpot wallet at

Just sign up and you are good to go with a readymade wallet to be used for the four sites listed below

Now, the following five sites require your Coin pot log in email address to be able to sign up and send your claims directly to your coin pot account

Each of these five sites allow you to claim as often as you like and are all free to join, there is no hidden costs or up sells or anything like that.

All the sites work the same, you can claim every 5 minutes or wait till later in the day, each site has a ticker and you can see the amount to claim climb as the ticket turns over.

Here they are

All daily claims go directly into your Coin Pot Wallet and can be converted into Bitcoin at anytime or you can withdraw them as is into any wallet of your choice.

I have all five sites ticking over every day and they have accumulated quite a nice tidy amount just from clicking claim once every day

So if you are into getting some Free Crypto try them out, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain


You are forgetting bitcoin cash! That ones a great one and is linked to the coin pot group. I do all 5 every day.

Do you know about Presearch? I go into the details in one of my posts:

If you use my referral link you start with 25 PRE, if not you start like I did with 0!

Hi @cmplxty - you are right, I had the page open but was multi tasking lol :)

Thanks @russellstockley for the information, I registered on the four sites and I will see if they are good for me

hello @medaymane - since writing this post, @cmplxty reminded me of tyhe Bitcoin Cash site which you can find Heer

I will try it . @russellstockley

Thanks Russell. Isn't it fun giving away money? That is what your post is doing.

Hi Bob, It is great giving away free things, especially when it comes to crypto, this is the future :)

Thank you so much for your post. I learned some very good information, which I am looking into now.

Hello Salexa, its worth doing, just the little things every day, slowly slowly accumulate and before you know it

Those Coinpot-affiliated sites are all good faucets to work with. I convert the non-BTC totals to BTC to speed up my BTC accumulation. I have successfully withdrawn from Coinpot to my BTC wallet several times.

Things get even better once you start earning commissions on referrals' clicks. If you'd like a way to build all your faucet downlines at once, check out my site,, which features a downline builder exclusively for faucets!

They are good faucets and have been using them for a while now, there are some great ones out there, its all about plugging away :)

Thanks for this reminder Russell! I signed up for them when I went through the Bitcoin Bully Course. Need to revisit them.

Hi Lisa, some went offline for a while but everything is back up again and worth the daily clicks )

Good Morning, @russellstockley! I will check them out again for sure. Have a great day! 😀

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