Russells Chatter - Dont be a Creature of Habit and Name Three Things

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Hi Folks

Welcome to Russell's Chatter where I will ramble of things that have happened, stories, tales, and journey's that I have taken on many paths.

Some will be my own travels and some will be about Online business.

I will promote various programs that I am a part of and in this respect they will be programs that are part of my Programs That Work Network

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me

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You have some interesting points out there... and the thing with local communities, small towns, library things... It was probably like that... That's why there was in some places "more development", there were more open-minded people, exchanging experiences, knowledge...

I would go "radical" on this one and say that it is still happening, but in our "online world"... and it was happening in the past decades also...

I don't like t divide people into different groups, but that it's happening, and I didn't invent that.. :) We have had (and still have) places for "ordinary" people, or just to "kill the time" places... and we have some other places where you can learn, teach, grow... and you have pointed out that in your video... for example Hive...

I didn't grow or learn something on my 10 year FB journey as I did in my 1 year on Hive... That's a FACT...

And one more thing... I wouldn't say that methods of control (in your case cultural control in town, etc) are disappeared... I would say that they are just moved to a higher level, as we have mass-media and the Internet in every home, so the "control" is easier than ever...

Yes, we have a lot of information on the Internet, you can step out of the "control zone", but it is still reserved ONLY for those who seek a truth... And the truth isn't on the first Google results page...

But, it was always like that... If you seek the truth, you can't find it if you just scratch the surface... You have to dig a lot more...

Thanks for the awesome chatter, and I will probably create a vlog as it inspired me a lot...

Regarding clothes, as it is summer here, I like the most stay in my underwear... lol... But, I can't leave my home without my cap and sunglasses...

One of the reason I did my Teaching degree is so that I could help facilitate young adults into the right methodologies to use too sift through the never ending rubbish that has not only been taught about History but also what is being taught in the present.
The Microwave society that looks for instant hits and fixes, does tend to put an emphasis on the first things that come up in an internet search and because of this it continues to perpetuate falsehoods.
I believe that if people really look at History and way back to some of the original connectivity between culture you will look at the excitement that surrounded a high level of sharing. That's before Greedy people got involved and created conflict.

I had high hopes when the Internet arrived, believed that it would expand our world and expand our minds.
Boy was I wrong there, lol,
However the diversity that is here on HIVE is touching on some of the theoretical points that I believed back then.

Viva La HIVE

I'm telling too often to my son: "History is written by winners"... He is too young to understand that now, but it will remain somewhere in his head... :)

And I truly believe that this time (after the failure of Internet dreams... lol...) with decentralized platforms we have a chance to "gather forces" and build something better...


That is so true about history being written by the victors and a patriarchal victor at that

when i was at university there was a movement to tell herstory which was quite refreshing

it is why I like art so much, art is a history told from a totally different perspective :)

This was, hands down, one of the best videos you have done. My soul totally resonated with what you were saying.

First of all, yes, censorship, in one form or another, has always been an issue. It wasn't as obvious to many for the longest time (except for dramatic events in history). It would be subtle & done without us even noticing; i.e certain books not being available (as you said) & altering information as "They" see fit. And to think that doesn't happen anymore is a false hood.

That is why it's IMPERATIVE to be aware of what's happening now. Due to everything going on in our world, so many things are being exposed, which is opening our eyes. It is up to each of us to look beyond our comfortable bubble & seek our truth. We all have our own way of doing this, of course, but it is so important now. Main stream media is trying to keep us paralyzed in fear & anger; basically, it is all lies. It is time for us to turn off the news & stop giving it power over us.

My personal calling is to empower others to see & empower themselves. It was always something I felt but now it has kicked into high gear! Thank you for being an inspiration & being authentic as well. :)

As for 3 pieces of clothing, depending upon the weather, I love my yoga/lounge pants, camisole tops & when it's cold, a cardigan sweater ;) 💚 💜 💛

Censorship will always be present. I is in the interests of a culture to have restrictive ways of thinking so that not too much is questioned.

An issue arose out of the movements of the 60' and 70' and people started to develop a caring and sharing modality. this resulted in over exposure to sensitivity and over exposure to information which in itself created a level of fear, Parent believed their children needed to know about all the ills of the world , Because we have a moral duty to do so. The Eighties brought with it a protective bubble, wrapping children in cotton wool so they would be protected from this evil destruction. The Nineties brought about an inflated sense of right and well the 2000's saw the result, in people living in their little 1 inch surrounded world and not caring about anything else because of the fear that if they get involved it would effect them immediately. At least the 2010's brought with it a moral compass and a realisation that if the get involved then maybe some change can happen.
Its difficult because the decision makers in the world today are all children of the 60's and 70's and they know nothing but fear and self preservation

Anyone would thing I am a cynic, on one level I am but I am also a futurist and direct my energies to sharing what I know and what I believe as a way of providing another point of view

I don't think you're a cynic at all. You are very aware of what is truly going on in front of our eyes (which a lot of people don't see). And you're very right about the past decades. That was a good break down! ;)

What you said about directing your energies is so important. Yes, a lot of us are waking up to different things going on, the crumbling of old systems & old energy is being cleared out. However, we need to empower ourselves in order to empower others. When we go within & work on things to become better versions of ourselves each day, then that's where we make the positive change, little by little. We BECOME the change.

Thanks for being you, Russ! :) 💚

George Orewell was not far off on his predictions from 1984. I remember libraries, the news paper and encyclopedias were the go to for any information you needed to research. Now days the governments are slowly changing or re-writing history as we know it just like in the book. Thankfully the internet gives us much more information or things just might be as they were in the book. I do agree that the blockchain is a great help for keeping us in the real know of what is going on in the World. Great video Russell.

For me other then when I am working I have a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops on, this is the norm for South Florida lol

Command and Control. Civilization has been in the business of command and control almost since the beginning. Stepping outside of that effort has always been scary but today it is some easier.

I missed the smells, so I'm going to say that I love the smell of hot motor oil and gasoline, too. Soil and coffee would also make the list.

Three articles of clothing?
An armored motorcycle jacket. Means I'm riding or just about to be.
Blue jeans. My life long love, it seems.
An old comfortable T shirt.

I agree it is somewhat easier through the notion of a greater shared knowledge.
It can be difficult when an Us or Them way of thinking continues to get promoted and believed by those that want others to make decision for them

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Great video Russell, 99% pull and 1% push lol, and as to censorship and habits you are completely right, libraries has been and still are making rules for what books they have, and with everything going on with banning stuff on the internet these days it is here too, which is why Hive and decentralization is so very important.

And as to clothes I like comfortable clothes over design, and shorts and tshirt in the summer, and the jeans and comfy sweater the rest of the year, and a good and warm jacket in the winter that is well insulated and has an insulated hood.

Keep up your awesome work.

What is important is that people take responsibility for their own decision, their own knowledge base and their own directions instead of being lazy and allowing others to make decisions for them.

I believe that people need to inform themselves , be proactive and not rely on retrospection.
Its no good complaining about something after the fact, when something could have been done, had they bothered to inform themselves, before the fact

Good to see you unraveling all your life experiences here. I'm looking forward to your sharings ...esp. if the one that's in text format. Unfortunately, I don't consume much video content. But it will be good to look back some time in future.