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Hi Folks

When you walk down the street and you smile at someone it can change their whole perspective on the day.

We do not know what other people are going through, what their experience for the day is or what might have just happened to them in the past 10 minutes.

However if you smile at people it can change their whole outlook. They may not smile back but they will remember that smile and perhaps they will pass that smile on to the next person they see.

Physically it takes far less muscles in the face to smile than it does to frown so make life easier for yourself and give a smile.

It is the same with your business opportunities, smile at your customers and they will always remember the smiling service they received and me more inclined to recommend others to your business.

In the Online world there is greater opportunity to give a virtual smile and connect with your customers.

If it is your List building opportunity then connect with your customers and give them a virtual smile.

That is let them know who you are what they can do for themselves, what they can do for you and what you can do for them.

Kind words and words of gratitude can go a long way into making people feel comfortable and secure their attention.

After all we want to feel at home when we make decision, they need to be decision we feel good about and ones that we have come to by ourselves and if people feel comfortable then they are more likely to make the right decision.

Once a decision has been made let them know that they are supported in that decision and continue to engage with them so that they are not left out on a limb.

There is nothing words than someone making a decision to buy a product and then not quite knowing what they can do to maximise that product, leaving them with a sense of ‘have I made the right decision’

Be kind to your customer base, be supportive and above all else allow them to feel empowered.

At the end of the day your smile can make a big difference in how they may perceive their actions.


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Good advice here!

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A virtual smile and virtual hug is coming to your way! 🙂

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