FRESH - Short and Sweet - Take Stock and Show Compassion

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Hi Folks

I saw a meme today


This made me think how grateful most of us are to have technology these days.

With most of the world in social distancing and varying degrees of lockdown, we are still bale to engage in the shared experience through Technology.

I am seeing Blog posts and Video Blogs from people all over the world sharing their experience and also seeing the good things and the bad things to do wityh the current situation.

I am seeing Videos from people that have actuall tested positive for COVID-19 and their journey. I have seen videos of people that have the symptoms and cannot get tested.

I have seen the very ill and those that have mild cases and also those that have come out the other end.

There is no denying that this is impacting the whole world both in terms of Health, being physical and mental health, as well as economically which is also impacting physical and mental well being.

I would like to think that the world as a whole can help each other through some very trying times by offering moral support and financial support where they can.

As for helping people with financial support this is a great time to reinforce that there are ways and means to attract supplementary income through various online practices.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have an online product that can help assist people to a greater understanding of what is involved then now is the time to put this forwards. Never before have we seen so many people online at any one time.

This is a moment in history that will be remembered for many things. Will you be one of the remembered??

Engage every day, allow yourself to be you and allow others to engage with you by engaging with them.

We have an opportunity to show our support and our capacity to rise above.

Be strong, Be Safe and above all else be compassionate

and like the meme, if you find yourself struggling, just take stock, unplug yourself, count to ten and reboot.


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