Poster Color Elephant Painting by @sshila - Hive Helping Highlight

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Today's Highlighted Post is by @sshila

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Poster Color Elephant Painting

Today @sshila shares with us images of her Painting of two elephants and also a Video of the creative process

I have chosen this post today because I believe that sometimes we just need to step outside of the cycle that we may be in and look at the world from a different perspective. Art is a capturer of different perspective, It allows our minds to think in a different way and allows our imaginations to take us on journeys that we would not ordinarily travel.

Sometimes we need to step back from the somewhat serious nature of trying to be better at how we do this, how we achieve that, what to do and what not to do, and just allow beauty and Joy back into our realm of understanding.

Theis painting is fun, its frivolous and its captures the essence of what it is to be sharing, caring and connected

Thanks for sharing your post with us @sshila


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Thank you to all that participated in yesterdays 'Hive Helping Highlight'

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The winner is: @dallas27

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Congrats to @dallas27 for the win, and very beautiful painting of elephants from @sshila.

Thank you @flaxz

Thank you very much @russellstockley for highlighted my post. I am very much appreciate to your helping hand. This is really best thinking.


Cool graphic.

Thank you so much @adysscheryl

That is neat @sshila. Do you want us created a graphic too.

Thank you @adysscheryl. I will try sir.

Ty am the lady I should change my picture it from a willie nelson concert

Yesssss... I m the winner.. Thank you so much @russellstockley for an engaging platform.

And congratulations @sshila for the post

@sshila great job

A great pick for today, Russell! THe link inside the post doesn't work... The link that work is:

Thanks @sshila for sharing your painting and the creative process!

Thanks Zoltan - Corrected - I had corrected the spelling error on the text link, clciking on the iamge worked though, but all good :)

congrats @dallas27

@sshila, nice painting.

Thank you so much @imfarhad

Congrats to @dallas27! WTG :)

I really enjoyed @sshila's video & post. The painting is beautiful & seeing the process was really cool :)

@sshila keep up the good work, very colorful indeed!

Thank you so much my friend.

Hello @russellstockley you Highlighted my post but unfortunately no one supported my post. :(

Hello @sshila, you can bring a horse to the water trough but you cannot make them drink :)