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G Day Folks

Welcome to Hive Times

In HIVE Times today we are going to talk about how you spend your time while in Lockdown, Quarantine or Self isolation

There are a great deal of things that we can be doing, such as , reading books, playing music, sitting in front of Netflix, online learning, painting drawing and even exercising.

While we have this time for ourselves it is a great time to be doing some online learning and there are a number of different courses out there that you can undertake, some are even Free to do.

You can take this time to re-invent yourself, learn new skills, and change the direction that you have been going in. Many out there have found themselves in a flux employment situation where they no longer feel secure and looking for where their next dollar is coming from.
This is a great time to re skill and re skill towards using Technology as a tool for your future direction.

Technology is not a hard road to travel. Everything is a step by step process and when the steps are followed then new information comes to hand and value adds to the information you already have. As long as you take your time to do learning then all learning is achievable and you could find yourself coming out at the other end with a more confident secure self, knowing where you are geared and how you are going to achieve that.

Over the years I have always been interested in up skilling myself and delight in taking on new projects, tasks and learning modes. I have found over the years that my gravitas is towards the use of Technology and I have learnt Graphics programs, I have learnt how to code and design and develop database driven web platforms. I have also just recently learnt quite complex coding to customise Salesforce platforms.

I am no one special I am just the average person that decided to utilise time that I had to learn and absorb as much as I can not only in the areas that I am interested in but also in areas that will ultimately secure my future.

I now have Degrees, Post Grad Degrees, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and numerous Certificates in areas that have brought me to where I am today and have enjoyed that journey of learning more than anything I have experienced to date, because the results of that make me smile every day.

The take away from all of this is that you may now be faced with a challenge, and that challenge is that you don’t just waste the opportunity you now have to utilise the technology we have to help you set your direction forwards.

There is going to be light at the end of this tunnel that many perceive as dark and when you come out into the light you need to step out with confidence and know which direction you are going to take.



One of the other Important things that we need to be doing while we are confined to our homes is to stay fit and active and do some exercise every day

For this reason I am going to Feature a post today that is confirmation that we should all be doing some exercise everyday to maintain our health and well-being

Lock Down Day 13 - Keeping the Body Fit is a Priority !
- by @robertandrew - Robert explains, through action that staying active is good for the Mind and Body

Thank You Robert for being an inspiration to others #ThriveOnHive


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Nice to read something encouraging.

Hi Kimberly - Its always good to see encouragement and there is a fair bit of it out there :)

I understand the value of learning that's why I took the pain to get used to LinkedIn and acquired some certificate.i am currently increasing my knowledge on social media marketing, graphics, and branding. I wish I had more enabling environment to learn better(no light, high cost of living and low likeminds to share with, I am here sure to self motivation . Thanks for sharing this information. Let's keep learning

It is very important to continue to stimulate the brain to stay happy Healthy and well

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Great post, Russell... And a good idea to feature someone's post... There are some great content creators out there!

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Nice post Russell, and great that you featured that post, stay safe and awesome.

Hi Erik, thank for the encouragement :)