I Am Alive Challenge 4th May 2020 - #iamalivechallenge and Name Three Things


Hi Folks

This post is in response to the #IAmAliveChallenge put out by @flaxz

The Idea is to post a Video, Picture or just post, could be a poem or a one liner about I Am Alive

Do this every day and show people that you are doing well, and what you may have done for the day

More about the concept can be found at this post

Here is my entry for today


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Uhhhhh. It's very early Monday morning for me.

Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble. All three had a big part in my life at one point or another.

Glad you are alive, Russell.

Huh... Let's try with those that I know how they're called in English... :)

Monopoly, 3 In a Row, and Chess!

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Chess, of course! And I also played a lot of Monopoly. Another board game I played a lot of with my sister was "Frustration" which is really a glorified version of Ludo.