Is it a Roadblock or is it an opportunity


Do you ever get that feeling that what you have done today gets undone tomorrow and that sometimes one step forwards two steps back. This is called development by pushing the proverbial uphill.

This occurs because we have not put in place contingencies, we have not undertaken enough pre planning and we have not allowed ourselves to determine our direction.

Having said that

When we look back, we can see that progress has been made over time
And sometimes that step back is needed to take stock, refresh and come in from a different angle.

People may have a goal to achieve something by a certain time frame and there may be setbacks, the trick is to not let the setbacks knock you down, they are there for a reason, roadblocks are often placed for a reason,

The trick is in how you perceive the next action, how you reason with your reason.

Do you get flustered, or do you take it in your stride, because your perception of the next step will determine the direction you take.

If you get flustered and annoyed then your next step may get borne from that energy and the direction you take may just come across more roadblocks, If you take it in your stride, reflect on the reason and strive forwards with purpose you may just find that you climb higher,

Even with the most purposeful planning we can hit a snag every now and then, but with the right attitude we will always move forwards.

With the correct planning and research, when you enter into something you enter with your eyes open, which means that you are aware of the pitfalls that can occur, doing a risk analysis of your proposed projects, no matter how big or small, will set you up for success.

Placing high expectations on yourself and your direction and on those around you can often lead to a sense of disappointment.

I believe that when we hit those walls, they are often there for a reason, It is a subjective reflection that will determine that reason.


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Okay... This will maybe sound funny, or whatever, but I want to share it with you... :)
While I was reading the post, I have an image in my head pushing the cart uphill, and taking breaks every couple of meters... and when I would stop to take a break and rest, I would put a brick under the wheel of the cart...

So, that's how my brain imagined roadblocks... :)

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Thats a great anaology, putting the brick under the wheel, prevents that one step back and keeps you going forwards, pre planning, very good :)