It has Been 12 Years and CTP Just Gets Stronger


I have been a member of Click Track Profit for approx 12 years.

In that time I have seen it grow from being an excellent Tool for Traffic Exchange Owners in helping them promote their sites and engaging with a broader community to an excellent Tool for anyone wanting to get into developing an Online business and or presence.

In the early the focus was on traffic Exchange owners (TE’s) and those that used TE’s as a means of promoting their own Online businesses, Affiliate based marketing and their own online presence through List Building.

12 years on, Click Track Profit is still focused on helping you develop your online business, however the focus is not so much on Traffic Exchanges any More.

Traffic Exchanges still have a place in the world as they are excellent places to be promoting your Online Business/Presence, however even though Click Track profit has still got components that acknowledge and support Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. The main focus these days is to help you develop and grow your online presence through the encouragement and support for you to put yourself out there.

There has always been a direction ever since the early days of making sure that you are seen and that you are consistent in your being seen, after all those that are ever present are those that will be seen the most, and this is vital in your business development because the big wide world of the web is just like a hand in a bucket of water, once it is removed, there is no trace that it ever existed.

The Click Track Profit team (Well the face of the program - @jongolson) used to say it’s like standing in a queue to get to a concert or watch a movie, once you step out of the queue then you have to go to the back of the line and start again.

These days the focus at Click Track Profit is about building your list. You have all heard the saying ‘The Money is in the List’ and this analogy is true.

Even if you are an affiliate marketer you should be building your list and then promote the programs you are a member of to that list.

This is in fact a much stronger and comprehensive way of promoting all those programs that you are a member of, in a newsletter (Email Series) you can be very personal, you can describe your journey and you can let people not only know about the programs that you are a member of but you can also tell them hints and tips that you have used to get the maximum benefit from those programs.


From your List you can engage in a discussion with your members, you can communicate with them and to them that they are an important part of their growth.

You cannot do this through a splash page, A splash page is a short grab, and why would I join a program from a short grab.

If you are going to be promoting anything then it should be what’s called a Lead Capture Page and direct people to sign up to your excellent Newsletter.

Part of the Click track Profit ethos is to help you develop the skills to put yourself out there, help you develop the skills to create your list, create your emails series and be the follow through.

There is this great platform that you can use as an information base and that is on the HIVE Blockchain. On this platform you will find a whole swag of people just writing lots of great useful hints tips and methods to help you in all aspects of business, personal and affiliate development.

So there really is no excuse that you can come up with that would prevent you from taking the step and informing yourself.

Click Track Profit has created a seamless marriage with you the business owner and the HIVE Blockchain by creating their own Token which can be used to finance your business and create a realistic budget to continue your business promotions.

The CTP token has been embraced by the industry and accept this token as a payment for your online promotions.

And to earn this token, all you have to do is exactly what Click Track Profit encourages you to do and that is to be present every day, take the step and get yourself known, there is no better way to do this than to engage in writing about you and your directions on the HIVE Blockchain. Ensure that you are linked with CTPTalk and get CTP Tokens for your stories.


And Voila, there is your business budget needs taken care of.

Again; No excuse needed. You don’t have to spend a cent, just a moment of your time

The work that @jongolson has done over the years to help, support and encourage people to take the step, create the chance and drive it forward has been nothing but outstandi9ng.

And with his relatively new partner in business @blainjones the vision just keeps growing and the ethos has never been stronger than it is right now.

Click Track profit has been a strong program from the get go and it just keeps getting stronger by recognising current developments in technology and embracing them making it easier for you to drive your future direction with the easiest path for you.


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Grea re-cap of the CTP evolution and your personal view on it... It's interesting to hear your opinion about it, through the eyes of TE owner... It's like a conflict inside you... But, it's great that you are aware of changes and you are adapting...

Made in Canva

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Can't believe it has been 12 years.
1.0 was fun
2.0 has greater appeal & is embracing the future not holding on to the past.
Glad it was relaunched

What a great journey! It indeed is a strong program with years of experience and having great people like you being a part and parcel.

I wish you more successes @russellstockley , I am trying to benefit from your experience in the field