In Search of The Pixie Dust Part 3

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In Search of The Pixie Dust Part 3

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This is a challenge by @pixiepost who asked for help to locate some of her missing #pixiedust. Mechanics to join can be found on
Pix Updates On #HIVE | Where's My Pixie Dust?

Part 1 of the search for Pixie Dust -

Part 2 in search of the Pixie Dust -


All images/photpgraphs created by Marguerite Gamble and Russell Stockley

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The amazing journey continues but is almost over. I for one will be sorry to see it end.

ahh, but like the Dragon said, It is just the Beginning :)

OMG, Russell... You are killing us... 🤣

How can I motivate myself to create my post for this challenge after watching your video? :)

Awesome stuff, man... awesome... I have no words to describe the awesomeness of this video :)

The very opposite @ph1102 - This should be bringing you alive :) Glad you enhoy the adventure

Wow! What a nice journey indeed! 😊😊 can't wait to find the missing pixie dust 😁😁

Glad you enjoy the Journey, I think you will like the End :)

Oh boy!! Your search is a real winner 👏👏 I'm waiting for the ending too 😉👍

That was such a great story Russell! I really enjoyed it.😀
Do you write these a lot?
They would be great for kids books and it looks like you've got a partner who's very adept at creating the images to go with them aswell!

Both my partner and I write, we both paint and draw, My partner takes more photos than me and I do sculpture and graphic design, so a fair bit of creativity between us :)

Wow @Russellstockley- you guys are certainly (better than) the dynamic duo aren't you. 😀.
You're so lucky to have such a mutually beneficial partnership like that.
Creativity by one self can only go so far, so it's nice to have a partner to bounce off and work with.
Can't wait to see more of your work! 😀

I never felt this thrilled since I read Harry Potter for the first time ahaha
But this one has a much sweet taste to it because is from you :)
Can't wait to see the end but at the same time, as I felt on the last book of Harry Potter, it will be sad because I don't want it to end lol
Thank you so much!

as i said in Bobs comment - it is just the beginning

Just wonderous, Russell!

Loved it! ;)

What a twist at the end! lol

Looking forward to the next part of your voyage for the pixie dust! :)

More Twists to come :)

Cool! lol

Wow I am in awe, Russ! What a beautiful continuation of this story. I am really wondering now how it will turn out! I love how you tell the story & the beautiful photos. 🧚‍♂️💗

Thank you, my friend. We will definitely find it soon, I just know it. 😊😊🌺💜

The pixie dust is not far off :)

Woo hoo! Thanks for being so awesome & helping us look for it :) 💜

Wow Russell, this story of yours is just amazing, and it seems that we will soon find the missing Pixie Dust, keep up your awesome work.

Hi @flaxz , glad you like it :) finding Pixie Dust is a long journey, or so it seems

Great story Russell, looking forward to see how it ends. You have a great talent for these types of stories, awesome work.

Digital story telling is something that I used to do way back in 2005, it was a great medium for Youth to express themselves, not that I was a youth back then, but I was an initiator