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Hi Folks

Welcome to Russell's Chatter where I will ramble of things that have happened, stories, tales, and journey's that I have taken on many paths.

Some will be my own travels and some will be about Online business.

I will promote various programs that I am a part of and in this respect they will be programs that are part of my Programs That Work Network

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me


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I agree 100% with your thoughts on creativity and listening to you, I have recognized my personal "preparation" before doing a video... lol... I have an idea (concept) about what will I speak, and have 2-3 things... All other just come between... lol... Sometimes, I feel guilty when I'm done, as I think that it was too easy, knowing how much time others invest in creation...

Three gates? That is probably the weirdest question that you have asked... :) In my home country, there was a big wooden door (as it is big, I will put it in the "gates" category), and it's still there... it kind of 70-80 yo, or more? have no idea...

Second would be a gate someone on one of old Danube canals where I would go to fishing and slipping through the fence beside that locked gate... lol...

and the third one is a small gate on our "urbanization" when I came to live in Spain... it was all rusty, tilted (as Jon's floor) and it could be closed...

Made in Canva

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You should never feel guilty about something you are passionate about , I really like your Vlogs and get a lot from them.

Would love to see one on how to work your way around 3speak.
I uploaded this to Three speak, and it puts it up on hive, but not where or how I want it, so I then embedded it in this post to get the format I wanted.

Is there a way of stopping the double posting ???

Gates are great Gateways to a new space , and some can be magnificent and some problematic :)

Might do a whole Russell's chatter on Gate tonight :0 lol

I uploaded this to Three speak, and it puts it up on hive, but not where or how I want it, so I then embedded it in this post to get the format I wanted.

Hmm... I didn't understand well these lines... You have fields for tags ("ctp", or whatever tribe you want), and community field where you start to write community name, and it offers you to pick right one...

The problem with "video placement" inside your post can be solved by EDITING your already created post for example on Peakd, and just cut and paste the video code to another place inside the SAME post...

I don't understand why would you create ANOTHER post? Hit me on Discord, if this isn't a good reply... :)

hmm I think the editing the existing post may be the way around this. I will experiment with my next one :)

I guess I have just got used to using the templates at Peak D and this presents me with different challenges

Yeah, if you were doing PeakD templates, you will have to switch...

I would suggest you copy that Peakd template to text file, and "fill in the blanks" changes when you want to publish the post and paste it in the 3speak description area...

After publishing, just cut/paste that video code where you want it (EDIT PeakD post)...

I'm doing something similar with mine... it sounds complicated, but it's literally a couple of seconds... ;)

LOVED this video! Yes, creativity is about flow. You hit it right on the head there. And it can refer to any type of creativity - it's about allowing yourself to think outside the box and stop resisting due to what's expected or acceptable. You & I have a similar process. I usually have an idea of sorts but not exactly a structure when I do my videos. Sometimes, they come out flawless & sometimes, well, they can be a hot mess lol. But it's all about putting yourself into that energy & doing what you LOVE. That is the ultimate goal.

Thank you so much for including the Pixie Dust hunt. Even though I didn't make a big to do about it, several amazing people like yourself have jumped on board, which I greatly appreciate. I want others to join so they can express their creativity, share stories about themselves, or whatever they feel will draw back the pixie dust. It's all about discovering the magic within yourself.

3 gates? hmmm well there is a white picket fence gate at one of my close friend's house, one in the name of my local mall Crossgates Mall when I was a kid & another gate is Watergate ha ha. I couldn't think of any more gates otherwise. ;)

Creativity is expression and if we don't express, well we just wither up :)

Ha Ha at Watergate

I've owned exactly one new car in my life too. My ex wife bought it and I ended up with it. I hated it.

I had a friend that bought two new pickups each year for his construction business. Before he even left the dealership he put a couple dents in the bed so his crew wouldn't be afraid to put a mark on them.

A guy I've gotten to know @tarazkp often writes on creativity, and in the last 24 hours he wrote an absolute dandy that I'd heartily suggest. He's an Aussie ExPat living in Finland btw.

3 Gates? Oh my.

"Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here" Dante's gate to the 9th Circle of Hell. I've put that quote up in several places (never on a gate, though).

Gates Brown. A monstrous first baseman for the Detroit Tigers in the 60s. He was discovered in prison and paroled to play baseball. He actually started a fencing company named "Gates Brown's Brown Gates". I've never forgotten. He played with the exact same glove that I used and never got a new one in over 10 years. It'd been patched and relaced many times, but he always used the same glove.

"I'll stand right up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down." Tom Petty

Not what you were looking for, was it? :)

New cars can be frightening lol

Any gates would do Tom

Thanks for the tip on @tarazkp - will check it out :)