Russells Chatter - Showing Gratitude - iamalive and Name Three Things 02 June 2020

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Hi Folks

Welcome to Russell's Chatter where I will ramble of things that have happened, stories, tales, and journey's that I have taken on many paths.

Some will be my own travels and some will be about Online business.

I will promote various programs that I am a part of and in this respect they will be programs that are part of my Programs That Work Network

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me



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Always be grateful for everything even for your haters/enemies as they help you grow and be better :)
So far I only visited one Zoo, the one in Lisbon, Portugal.
Better than name them I can show with pictures as I went there not so long ago to show David the animals!

That little monkey is a special species haha
Thanks for the vlog!

Great pictures and a great memory

I have a few people I have known online that I connect with way more often then people I know off line. Commenting and replaying to comments is an amazing way of growing your network, I have met several people from my short time being on the blockchain.

3 things you see at a zoo
Gift shop
Zoo map
Gumball machines with animal feed instead of gum

Lol at the gumball machines, Last zoo I went to was in Adelaide and it was 39Celcius, all the animals were just zonked out by the heat, so didnt see too many as they were all hidden in shade

Three things I see at the zoo and hope I don't see them any where else

  1. Snakes some of them very big snakes
  2. Alligators, I got chased by one on a golf course.
  3. People teasing animals (should be banned for life)

I love the reptile sections at the Zoos, but also Merecats