Short and Sweet - Do You Have Enough Time

Hi Folks

One of the issues that a lot of people face is that they do not have enough time in a day to complete all the things that they wish to do.

I am often a classic case of this, however I used to think that it was because of my age, because as everyone knows time goes much faster the older you are, I do not know why, well I do actually 😊

It is because when we get a bit older, we tend to be stuck in the same process’s day in and day out, we create routines and never seem to shake it up. So, the routine becomes the same and we don’t get challenged as a result.

Having said that, this is not just an old person Syndrome, we are all capable and guilty of establishing routines, and routines can cut us off from feeling. Going into auto pilot can often create a condition where we are out of touch with our internal and external stimuli. As a result of this we can become totally unaware of time passing, thus time moves faster.

If we shake things up a bit and challenge ourselves then this allows our brains to think a bit harder and act creatively to finding resolutions. This very process then engages with us and allows us to engage with what we are doing and how we do it, which then, can give the impression time is a bit longer. We become aware of time passing because we become aware of our environment.

Time is a relative thing to the actions we perform and if we perform them on autopilot then time is also on Autopilot.

So how do we prolong time, in essence giving us a longer life a more fulfilled life.

Well, we shake it up. Do things differently, it is good to have habit, but be flexible, for instance, if you do something at the exact same time every day, shift it a bit, say to yourself, I am going to do this a bit later or earlier and the other thing I do at X time I will now do at Y time. This will instantly make you more aware of what is going on around you and will instantly give you a greater awareness of time than what you had previously.

I bet if you drive the same route everyday and you then look back at your trip. There will be very little that you remember about your trip. If you change the route, you will be guaranteed to have a greater recollection of that trip. Which happens because you are more aware of your environment because the routine is changed.

So, this is where it becomes a bit nerdy, make a list of all the things you do each week, list the time of day you do them and the amount of time it takes to do them. This exercise alone will make you more aware. Once the list is created, shift things around a bit. If you are able to write that blog post in the morning instead of the afternoon, do it, if you are able to switch your evening walk to the morning, do it.

Routines can be fun as long as they stay fun. However, routines can often bring about stagnation and boredom which then means you are not functioning at maximum capacity, which in turn means that you become even more bored and unsatisfied.

Challenge yourself and shake it up. Grab that list and switch things around, you will be glad you did, because that engagement with you and your actions will give you a greater sense of time and a greater sense of achievement and perceptually prolong your life.

The fountain of youth is you and your actions.


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Outstanding post! I have recognized myself in everything that you have written...

One of my professors of physics I think, in high school once said:

"Time is an irreplaceable resource"

Maybe it sounds odd in English, but it was just perfect in my native language... We can't replace time, as we are doing for example with energy that can flow from one to another...

Routines and habits are good, but as you said, it can "kill" a lot of other kinds of stuff, like motivation, experimenting, joy... Again, we need some kind of balance, and to get to that, we have to be AWARE of things that we are doing...

Thanks for the post!

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Hi @ph1102 - Couldnt agree more, we require more awareness. it allows us to observe and it allows us to live the experience.
And time cannot be replaced

Thanks for this post Russell, time really is a scarcity product that can't be replaced, and we need to make good use of it, and also have fun.

If we do not use our time wisely time will not use us wisely :)

That was a great way to look at it.