The Honey Pot - 01 August 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries

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This is a Daily Prize Winning Opportunity

Your Engagement matters

As you know -
On the Blockchain you get paid to Up-vote posts, you get paid to comment on posts and this is a Daily opportunity to win extra CTP Tokens and HIVE just by engaging

Just Up-vote this Post and make a Comment below

60% of the Total Up Vote Value will go into the Prize Pool
You can win CTP Tokens and HIVE from this daily opportunity


Plenty of non selfish Super powers, very good to see.
Now lets talk about what your logo would be :)

Re Superpowers, I would love to get lasers implanted in my fingertips and then travel back in time and freak out the locals :0


honeypot.pngToday's Honey Pot is worth 63 CTP Tokens and 0.128 HIVE
Congratulations goes to The Winner
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You can now claim Click Track Profit Badges by winning the Honey Pot
The badges you can win are


To claim a Badge all you need to do is connect with me on Telegram and send me a message with your Click Track Profit Username and I will send you the claim badge link

Telegram Connect

The Badge needs to be claimed before the next days spin - Badges will not be awarded in retrospect

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ctp blueprint


  1. This Daily Prize opportunity is run by @russellstockley
  2. The Winner is selected randomly from the comments below using a random picker tool
  3. The Up-vote value from the days post will go into the prize pool for the days spin.
  4. The comments are taken from the previous post for the next day's spin
  5. 60% of the Up Vote value from the previous day goes into the drawing days prize
  6. All Prizes will be awarded within 24 Hours of the winner being selected
  7. You can win CTP Tokens as well as HIVE
  8. The winner decision is final and no discussion will be entered into
  9. Any abuse of this system will see suspension from participation


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Knitting is my superpower: dropstitchshawl.jpg

Congratulations, @mytechtrail!

I was thinking very deeply last 24 hours about my previous answer... and I would like to change my superpower to "laziness" and my logo would be a sloth!

🤣 🤣 😂 You now have a Logo! 😂🤣🤣

Zoltan Sloth.gif


You really have free time today! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

HAHAH actually I don't but I made time 😉😂

That is awesome lol

Congrats to today's winner!

Hmmm logo... would probably be... something like...

photo credits to giphy

Happy weekend! :)

Congrats to Randy for the win, and my logo is of course the kitten (who thinks he is a lion) that is used as the profile picture for @thisisawesome.


Congratulations @mytechtrail for the win

for my first thoughts about a logo for my supper powers would be a fist with blades on the back of a cape

Logic is a closed fist, but rhetoric is an open hand, palm outwards, so that would be my logo.

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congrats @mytechtail

will be something nice, its WIP

Congratulations to @mytechtrail! So great to see you win :)

Well, I am a pixie so I already have a logo of course. It even moves ;)

Congrats to @mytechtrail! Don't spend it all in one place.

Logo, Smogo...who needs a logo? Your face is your brand.

Congratulations @mytechtrail
Will come back to get that logo designed whenever i get those super powers.

Congratulations @mytechtail
My logo may be somewhat inspired from Lyanna Natura (spt summoner.)

WTG on winning the honey pot today @mytechtrail

My logo, maybe something kind of like this lol

wtg @mytechtrail logo a tiger


WOW, thanks for another pot of honey and all the well wishes.

Congratulations @mytechtrail
Logo ahows strength and colors of joy...

Congrats @mytechtrail!!

A charm worn on a chain, when opened displays a hand with the sign for needs.

Congratulations @mytechtrail!
My logo would be something with V shape.