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What is your Favorite Sport and Why


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College basketball. I will never recover from the cancellation of March Madness.

Congrats to Garrey for the win, and favorite sport is Icehockey, with favorite Swedish team HV71, and favorite player of all time Peter Forsberg.

Congratulations, Garrey @theroad2freedom !

I'm not too much in sports, but I like to watch tennis, Formula 1, MotoGP... Why? Maybe because they are individual sports, and to be the best in them, you have to be a "complete" person (concentration, endurance, consistency, brain...)... which is not often a case in team sports...

Thank you, Zoltan.

If chess is a sport, I'd go for that. If not, then football, and right now it's exciting to follow my team, Leeds United, who are at the top of the English Championship with just a few games remaining this season. I'm beginning to believe they could finally get back into the Premiership...

Chess is definitely a sport and I also love it.

Congrats Garrey!
My favorite sports is football or soccer for Americans...I played as goalkeeper in high school and had the opportunity to play on the local club. But that time the thought "football is not for women" was stronger than today, and going to university to get a "proper" profession was also the thought of my parents. And in my head is that I wasn't fit enough for it hahaha anyway I don't mind that I didn't turn that page, made me found out other passions :)
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @road2freedom will get 53 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Congrats to the winner! :)

I'm afraid I don't have a favorite sport :|

Happy week ahead to all! :)

Congratulations, Garrey, @theroad2freedom! I don't really have a favorite sport to be honest. The only time I watch sports is when I somewhere and they are on tv where I am.

Thank you, Lisa.

You're welcome, Garrey! Have a great evening! 😀

Congratulations @theroad2freedom for the win

I think basketball would be my favorite because it can become very exciting especially when Michael Jordan was playing he could make some incredible shots that defied gravity lol

Thank you, Howard.

Congrats Garrey! :)

I used to be a gymnast but a nasty back accident when I was 14 put a fork in the works on that one!

I do still cycle, walk my dog and swim in the sea every now and then! ;)

Oh yeah and of course dancing, I love dancing and try to do it at least once a week! ;)

Happy swarming guys! :)

wtg winner.I like english football-team liverpool cose of their spirit and motivation they have

Congrats @theroad2freedom. Not very interested in sports, so dont have any favorite sport.

Thank you, Christian.

i like watching cricket. Playing not that much tho :-)

congrats @theroad2freedom

Thank you, Farhad.

congrats @theroad2freedom for the win

my favorite sport has always been soccer. Played while I was young and I just have a deep love of the game

Thanks, Bonnie.

Cricket is my first choice...
Why - I dont know from my childhood I like the game.... and most if the persons In I dia like Cricket...

My favourite sport is cross country skiing. In winter I'm giving classes ;-)

I enjoyed playing baseball in high school the best. Watching baseball is less fun than actually being in the action. For a spectator sport I have to say soccer is the best with the most consistent action happening

Congrats on winning the honey pot Garrey.

My favorite sport to watch is American football, my favorite sport to play is tennis.

Congrats to...ME! Thank you all for your encouraging words.

I have always loved baseball. As a kid growing up, I was never that good of a player, but I was into sabermetrics and creating games where probabilities (dice throws) based on player stats were utilized.

I also love soccer. I began playing when the sport first started building leagues in my area (maybe 45 years ago) and participated all the way through high school. I not only played, but I was a referee, as well. Recently, I really enjoyed playing with the kids we worked with on my mission trips to Honduras. That was a way for us to connect with the kids and gain their trust.

I will go with Cricket it is very similar to baseball.

Awesome! Congratulations @theroad2freedom! :)

I sometimes like football (depending on it interests me that season lol) because I enjoy how my friends & I can watch it, yell at the TV & celebrate the touchdowns. I don't watch a lot of sports all the time but I can get into it pretty well when it keeps my interest lol.

Maybe there should be Pixie Flying sports ;)

Thanks, Jenn.

BTW - Are you talking about racing your airplane? I didn't know you had one.

Congratulations @theroad2freedom! College football (American) is my favorite. Multistage bicycle races is second.

Thank you, Bob.

Wtg Garrey Hockey lots of action and fun times

Congrats to the winner !
My favorite sport is horseback riding because I love horses and this feeling of freedom and unity with nature. One of the best memories in my life is that of a 5-hour ride through a lost plain somewhere in Arkansas. I thought Buddy (that was the rodeo horse's name) would take me to the end of the world... Lost my watch on that day. Time had marked a stop.

I am not really into sports, the better half and my oldest son are the sports fans.

It is a toss up between MLB and NASCAR. MLB because of the game strategy and NASCAR for the speed and excitement.

Congratulations to the winner.
I'm passionate about martial arts. If you say sports, again it's martial arts. You can focus on sports version of it when you practice martial arts.
I have been making content about martial arts and self defense consistently for over a year.