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Tell me about your first Zoo Trip

I liked all the Ice Cream Stories, My memories are unfortunately after my 20's and my first ice creamm experinece didnt happen till my 30's. I had a Streets Cornetto, blueberry and loved it but went a bit crazy from the sugar hit


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Weeee congrats @pixiepost! :) Your pixie dust is close to being found :)

I remember my daughter's first zoo trip. She loved looking at the animals. There was a kinder zoo where kids can touch animals. She even carried her first guinea pig back then. It wasn't until years later that she would love having pets. We have guinea pigs.. in addition to our outdoor cats :)

Happy Sunday! :)

Yay! Lolol You helped me, girl. Thanks for keeping some pixie dust safe for me 😉

wtg @pixiepost You are joking right like I would remember that far back

Thanks Eric! 😊 And ha ha ha, I didn't remember mine what? lol 💕

Congrats @pixiepost! My first zoo trip was at the Columbus Ohio zoo to see the first baby gorilla born in captivity.

Thank you! 😊 That baby gorilla must've been adorable. 💕

Congrats Sis!
Geez can't really remember the first time. But I do remember one of my dates with my husband, boyfriend at that time, and we watched the dolphin's show and that was my first time and it was awesome! We went to the Zoo early this year with our boy but lots of things were under maintenance and David was very grumpy lol

Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @pixiepost will get 60 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Beautiful photo. I remember you going to see the animals on your last vacation (I think?) :) Thanks Sis. Love ya 💜

Congrats to Jen (@pixiepost), again!

There is no possible way I would remember my first trip to a zoo. I know the nursery school I went to growing up took us to the zoo sometimes in the summer while school was out, but I don't remember if my parents took me before then, or not.

Yay thank you so much! 💜 Have an awesome day! 🙌

Congratulations @pixiepost. (that's double Sunday treat)

I don't remember any trip to the zoo. But i am sure, i had a few.

Thank you, my friend! I appreciate it. Have a great day. 💜🖖

Congratulations @pixiepost.
Have not been to any zoo, the closest to that would be some years ago visited Manila Ocean park, that was quite awesome.

Thank you! That's pretty awesome. Now we both won this week. 😉💜🌺

Hey, @pixiepost! It looks that these wheels start to like you... and as @iamraincrystal said... the missing pixie dust is near... :)

And Russell... The first ZOO Trip? Seriously? Do you know how old are we? :) It was in the land far far away... As my son used to say: "Dad, when you were young you were wearing Oliver Twist hat and stole from people in London... And playing with the wheel and the stick on the dusty streets..."

No Zoo trip memories... I remember the Elephant and the poor bear in a too-small cage... :(

Yay! Thanks, Zoltan! Finally lolol. 💜🧚‍♂️

Love the story you just told but don't like that the animals were not in a bigger cage 😑

Yay for you, Jenn! @pixiepost (I nearly wrote pixieDUST then! lol) Enjoy your honey!

I don't remember my first zoo trip but I do remember loving the (at the time) revolutionary concept of Gerrald and Lee Durrells first zoo of not caging the animals but instead giving ample enclosures to move around and be animals! ;)

Have a great week, guys! Lee :)

Ha ha ha well we are searching for my Pixie Dust so I think it's working long distance lol. Thanks, girl! I appreciate you :) 💜

Ha ha ha you're very welcome!

Backatcha! ;)

Congratulations @pixiepost for the 2nd win today the Pixie dust is working well this week :)

My first zoo experience I can remember getting to ride on one of the elephants the sadle built for the elephant was big enough for Me my brother and two sisters to ride on

Ha ha ha I think my Pixie Dust is starting to return ;) Maybe the hunt is becoming successful. Thanks again :) 💜

Congrats @pixiepost, is this your first win?

Thanks Randy! I won this and the other one but I think I won one wheel once before. So this was a nice surprise lol :) 💜

WOW! @pixiepost!
Way to go!
I call that good luck :)
I went to the zoo with my parents for the first time. It was a wonderful experience.

It was definitely a surprise for me lol. Pixie Dust is working from afar haha :) 💜

Yay! Congratulations again, Jenn @pixiepost! I was pretty young the first time I went to the zoo. I believe it was with my grandparents and it was a zoo in the next town north of where we live. It is was fun from what I remember. I was able to walk around and not be in a stroller and it was a nice warm summer day. I honestly don't remember the animals we saw that day.

Thanks Lisa! :) I got double lucky today lolol 😄

Wow congrats to Pixie a second time today, and my first visit to the zoo must have been to Ölands Djurpark.

Woo hoo. Yay! The honey likes the pixie dust so maybe some is nearby! 💜 Thanks Russ! 🙌😊

I remember my parents taking us to a zoo but I was too young to remember the details. However, it did make me think of a childhood friend that had lambs. I would go over to their house & help bottle feed them 😊💕

WTG Jenn. on winning the honey pot.

Don't remember my first zoo experience it was many years ago. I have been to many zoo's since then but don't really advocate for them anymore other then the ones that try to help with preserving the species, not so much for the displays. I think many zoo's the animals are not happy there, it's like they are in prison but have done nothing wrong.

Well I love the sound of a honey pot...not only because I love Bees, but as the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar...

Bees out.

I remember penguins and the elephant that people could ride. It was awesome

I think I saw bear and offered sugar candy to them. I remember seeing Leopards too.

I remember going to the Como Park Zoo in St Paul Minnesota as a kid. The thing I remember most was the large cats pacing back and forth in their tiny cages. I also remember that it smelled very bad in that building. Things there are much better now. It has evolved into a very modern zoo and that building that had the cages is now a gift shop.

My first Zoo trip was with my school friends it was arranged by the school.

Congrats @pixiepost!!

I don't really remember my first trip to the zoo but I do remember the first time I took my kids to the zoo. At that time I only had 3 of my six children and two of them was really young like 2 and 3 and my son was 5. We went on the monorail which gave you a tour of the zoo from above. We took the monorail to the back of the zoo and then walked back to the front gate. On the way we stopped at just about every animal, visited the bird house, seen 2 turtles making out, road on the merry-go-round and had a picnic lunch.