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What was your first Joy Ride


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My mom and granny drove my 2 sisters and me from Indiana to San Diego to bring my uncle home when he got out of the Navy. All those miles across the USA in a red '69 Gran Torino!

Congratulations, @chmoen!

It looks that joyrides will be a trending topic on Hive these days... Maybe a motorboat ride on the river...

Congratulations @chmoen! I was in my late teens and didn't yet have a drivers license. I was tempting fate for sure by driving on a learner's permit. I would take my parents' car without them knowing and go for a ride down by the lake. One of the times when I got back to the house my Dad was out in the front yard watering the lawn. He was actually pretty easy going and told me that I just better be careful.

Congrats Christian!
Joy ride...When I was learning to drive at driving school I changed cars 3 times..which was good and bad lol but anyway, one of the cars was an Audi and I think it was brand new or very recent..metallic blue..beautiful car and very sensitive until you get used to it. The teacher guided me to go to the highway so I could train the gear shifting (don't know if this is the correct English expression lol). On a normal car, you can shift up to 5 but there was a 6th 😱
Was scary and awesome at the same time lol
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @chmoen will get 54 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Awesome, Thank you.

Woo hoo! Congratulations @chmoen! :) We were both lucky today. Enjoy the honey! :)

My FIRST joyride - oh geez, I wouldn't remember. I've had quite a few of them ha ha. But I do remember cruising around with a bunch of friends when I was in high school. We were all in Drama Club and had finished dress rehearsing for a play. (I was doing the make up for the cast!) It was late at night & we all crammed ourselves in this small car (forget what make and model lol). We were all laughing & having a good old time as we dropped people off all throughout town. And yes, we probably broke the speed limit, too ha ha ha. :) 💜

Thanks, starting to get a habit of winning on these wheels. :D

Ha ha right? I think we both are. 😊🤣💜

Congrats on winning the honey pot @chmoen

Used to go joy riding with my older brother when I was a kid.

Perhaps, when I was a baby my parents went for a joyride with me in the car...

Congrats to @chmoen for the win, and joy ride has been quite a few, but a not so joyous ride for me was when I ran my dads tractor off the road and one of the front wheels where snapped off, I was 12 years old and peed my pants lol.

Congrats @chmoen for the win.

My first joy ride was in my older brother's nova

Congratulations, @chmoen! Never took a joy ride. To me that means stealing a car and taking a drive around.

congrats @chmoen

Sorry, don't recollect any joy rides.

Ironically in our life, joyful moments are difficult to recollect than painful incidents. The one who can turn this upside down will enjoy his/her whole life!

Yes that's true.
It's a work in progress.

wtg Christian-boat drive

Congrats chmoen.

I think merry-go-round.

Driving my jeep off road and launching off jumps. Family trips were nice too but the level of joy in this ride is higher

I have never stolen a car so no joy ride for me.

Got lucky again. Thanks so much for the price.
About the joy ride, not sure as i see some refer to that as driving around in a stolen car.

What do you consider as a joy ride?

Congrats to Christian (@chmoen)!

What's with all of the "firsts" lately. I'm an old guy and can't remember that far back.

Congratulations @chmoen
When I was in college, me along with my brother goes to my friends home. He fake us for a ride in a open Jeep. He stoped the Jeep in an open field and get down for some work. So it was me and my brother left in Jeep. I dont know why but it comes into my mind whay not try to ride it (I was not knowing the driving at that time). I starte the engine and shifter the gear to 1st and with a jurk it moved forward very fast. I was scared but immediately it stopped as I was not able to manage the acceleration and cluth paddle balance.

Congrats to the winner first joy ride do not remember that far back

Congrats @chmoen!

Actually I don't remember taking a Joy ride when I was younger.

I would have to say that 3 friends and I would pile into the car and ride through the sand hill county club at night. We thought it fun and daring. We were young and not very thoughtful of others.

Congratulations @chmoen!
Let's do this again.

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