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Deascribe the First Time You Had A Picnic

You all shared some great Joy rides - Thank you for participating in the Lets Talk


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We ate at a picnic table outside in summer when we visited my Grandpa. There was always something fresh from his huge garden.

excellent memory, a Granpa that grew his own :)

Congrats Charletta!
Can't really remember much but there are some photos from my kindergarten on a picnic as a different day in the summer besides going to the beach. I barely remember being laying down under a tree and eat and play.
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @successchar will get 53 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
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Photos are always good for memories, It the only way I can remember my childhood

Congrats to Charletta for the win, and my first picnic as I can remember was to Komstad Ängar, a midsummers picnic out in nature and celebrating midsummers eve with a lot of people, not sure how old I was but very young.

sounds Idyllic :)

Congratulations @successchar For the win today

All I remember in my first picnic is eating food with family then playing baseball

Good day out, and lots of space

WTG on winning todays honey pot @successchar

First picnic, wow that is like 50 years ago. I can't remember what I ate last week much less a picnic 50 years ago. lol

lol, classic :)

Congrats @successchar!

I'm not sure my first one but I do remember picnicing on the beach in Greece as a child with my best friend and her family! :)

sounds idyllic surrounded by white sand and blue water

It was Russell! We'd walk for half an hour from the road through the sand between the trees to get close to the sea, some of my fondest memories! :)

Congrats to Charletta (@successchar)!

Both of my parents worked while I was growing up, so I went to a nursery school each day during the work week. Then on weekends, all three of us kids were playing sports on Saturday and we had church on Sunday. Therefore, I doubt I had very many picnics with my family. However, during the summer months while school was out, the nursery school would take us to the park for several hours on Mondays. We would eat lunch while we were there, so I guess you could say that was a picnic.

sounds like a sort of picnic to me :)

Thank you

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wtg winner first picnic on the sand by the gulf of mexico

That sounds nice Eric, except for sand in the sandwiches :)

My first picnic was camping in California's Big Bear Campgrounds with my whole family. It was fun...I caught all the fish haha... but it was a fantastic week and the picnic was very good.

Congrats to the winner!

Hmm, is that a Pickinick Basket Boo Boo

You said it Yogi hehe

wtg winner-first picnic was by the lake and we were wishing,but no

fish would have been nice on the grill

Lol right

congrats @successchar

Congrats, @successchar! It looks that these wins go in pairs... :)

I think that I had a first picknik with my sister in the backyard... lol... when I was 5-6 yo... :)

ahh, yes, family picnics, was there a tent as well ???

I think that the first one was without a tent... 🤣

An enjoyable day on the beach of a lake with my girlfriend. That's my favorite picnic memory. I don't remember picnics before that

Its nice that you have the memory

My first picnic was most likely with my nan and aunt deep in the English countryside somewhere...

Speaking of picnics, my Dad had an old standard 8 cine film of a four minute extract from Laurel and Hardy's "Perfect Day" renamed "What a Picnic" (with a pun on "what-a" / "water").

surrounded by dry rock walls ??

A group of 100+ student gone to the riverside temple.

wow that's a massive picnic

yes, All student of sixth class with their teachers.
We get counted thrice just to make sure that no one is missing.

Congrats @successchar for the win.

Can't really remember my first picnic but my family and I loved to go the the locate state park and go swimming, fishing, and everything for our picnics. Now I take my kids to the spots I used to go to as a girl.

that sounds great that you can continue the tradition

Congratulations @successchar! I don't remember the first time I had a picnic. We were at many family picnics when we were kids. I remember lots of food and being in a nice park with miniature golfing and swings and a driving range. My uncles and cousins played bocci and got very animated. Lots of fun.

I used to love playing Miniature Golf

Wow is that a double win for our winner? Awesome! Congrats!

My goodness, I don't recall ever having a picnic in every sense of the word. But if excursions can be counted as picnics, that would be when I was little and we had so much fun, as it's like a family reunion of sorts.

Another day has come to an end for me. Take tomorrow as it comes. Have fun!

I think an excursion can be counted as a picnic

Congratulations @successchar
Think one of my very first picnics was combined with a fishing trip. Was always enjoyable to go out fishing, eating and enjoying the nature.

seems to be a common theme, Picnics by the water :)

Yeah, nothing beats that. Had many great moments, and many fish been caught in that water as well. However been many years since that.

Congrats @successchar! I honestly don't remember details about any picnic let alone the first one.

happens to the best of us , lol

Congrats @successchar! You are on fire today :)

I don't really remember my first picnic but my family & I did a lot of BBQ's and picnics in the back yard when I was growing up. I remember one when a bird flew over us and decided to "honor" my mom by pooing on her. THAT is a picnic I will never forget! 😂 🤣

BBQ's are picnics, especially when your a Kid 😀

When I was a kid my mom on nice summer days would grill chicken or burgers and we would sit at the picnic table in the back yard and have dinner

that's a picnic, grilled chicken burgers sound great

First I like to say Thanks! to all for the congrats on my win. This is unbelievable!!

As for my first picnic I have no clue of where or when. However, I do remember my first picnic with my husband. That was a little over 14 years ago. We went to Fort Fun, the 14,000-square-foot playground at Huntington Park. We walked away from the playground along one of the trails where we found a rather nice but secluded bench where we sat and had sandwiches and beer and interesting coversations about ourselves and the future.

wow that sounds like a great playground

Such hard questions.

It was during school time... not remembeing much..

I have a hard time remembering these things as well :)

Congratulations to the winner.
I went to a picnic when I was a kid. It was a hill surrounded by trees. Really a beautiful place.

Sounds very nice :)

I was young at that time, I didn't even know what was a picnic back then. Your question reminds me of that beautiful moment.

I just asked my mom how old I was then. I was around 5.

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