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What was the First Concert that you saw/remember :)


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wtg Eliana
dont remember....

Congratulations, Eliana! The first concert I remember going to was a Neil Young concert in Seattle, WA.

Congratulations @elianaicgomes for the win today

First concert I have been to was by Iron Maiden

Congrats Eliana! Happy to see the winnings going around :)

Hmm it's not my first, but one of the memorable ones as they're my fave local band.. Side A Band concert ages ago LOL

Yey almost the weekend again!!!

Congratulations, and thanks, @elianaicgomes!

I'm not quite sure who was playing in the first concert I went to see... but a couple of early ones were seeing the Swale Valley Stompers performing at a village hall in the Yorkshire Dales... LOL! A bit later, I saw the Killing Joke in concert at York University (UK) when I went up for an interview...

Forty years later, the Swale Valley Stompers are still going strong...

Yay for me!
And you know what that means...Every CTP Blueprint member gets entries!
The first concert that I went to was from Enrique Iglesias when he went to Lisbon in 2002. But the best was from Linkin Park in 2003 🤘
Good luck for tomorrow!


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WTG on winning the honey pot Eliana

haha the first concert I remember going to was RATT and believe it or not Bon Jovi opened for them.

Congrats @elianaicgomes!!

Wow, this one I remember. A special outing with mom. She was going to see Gladys Knight & the Pips and I got to tag along. Also there was The O'Jays and Richard Pryor. I was very young and I don't think my mom knew that Richard Pryor was making an appearance. Boy did I get an education in fowl language that night.

Congratulations,@elianaicgomes.... nomnom... all honey for you! :)

I remember watching the legendary LiveAid (one of the recordings) from 1985...

Congratulations @elianaicgomes for the win.
Have not been to any concerts worth mentioning, but some of the first i watched on video was Kiss.

Congratulations @elianaicgomes! The first concert I remember was Peter, Paul and Mary. I was a very big folk music fan.

congrats Eliana (@elianaicgomes)

Nope, I have not been to any concerts. Movies a lot of them

Congrats to Eliana (@elianaicgomes)!

Back then, the first concert I saw may not be the first one I remember. I think my first one was Styx (The Grand Illusion Tour). I also saw Van Halen once and Journey with Loverboy as the opening act when I was in college.

Congratulations Sis @elianaicgomes! :) 💙

I haven't been to a lot of concerts but the ones I have are very memorable. One of the first ones was Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine. That was her Coming Into The Light tour. It was amazing! :)

Congrats to Eliana @elianaicgomes for the win, and the first concert on TV I have no idea what that was, but first concert live was with a Swedish band called Gyllene Tider, the lead singer is Per Gessle who was also in the duo called Roxette that was very famous in most parts of the world.

It was during my college time.... actually it was a part of college event...

A Bruce Springsteen concert

No Idea, Not in the concerts as such.

Billy Joel, you are really stretching my memory.

wtg Eliana on the win first concert the Guess who

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