The Honey Pot - 18 July 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries

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What was the first form of transport that you owned

For me it was the three wheeler Trike that you saw in yesterdays post


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I bought a 3-speed bicycle when I was 13 using money I earned detasselling corn (a common summer job for young people in Indiana at the time.)

Congratulations, @sardar-sani! Does my bicycle count? LOL The first car I owned was a 1978 Buick LeSabre. It was a two-door beige car. The doors were huge and very heavy. Rear wheel drive so a real blast on the snow and ice. NOT But it was paid for upfront. I have owned 4 cars and never had a car payment.

Congrats sardar-sani!

I think it was a bicycle...

WTG @sardar-sani. Enjoy your winnings!

Ha! I never owned any transport except for a wheelchair 🤣 But that has been lost a long time ago lololol.

Congrats to @sardar-sani for the win, and that must have been a small tricycle that I was very busy with before moving on to a bicycle.

Can i ask you what have i won!?!??

Here a screenshot from the post.



I had a tricycle too. I didn't ride it until my Mum's friend came round with her boy, a ghastly fellow a few months older than me, who to my dismay, commandeered the tricycle for the duration of their visit. That cured me of my indifference and I rode it a lot more from then on!

A new winner! Congrats!

I do not own any form of transport. I work near home. I live near work. #tiredofcommuting

Weekend!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats @sardar-sani!
Never owned any form of transport unless my bus pass counts ahaha
Good luck for tomorrow!

Congrats on winning the honey pot today @sardar-sani

My first form of transportation was a bicycle or what you call a push bike.

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wtg winner a three wheel trike

Amazing idea, i am with you on evrypost.

wtg wiiner-was bike

tricycle and then a bicycle with training wheels

congrats @sardar-sani

I don't own any vehicle. I enjoy local transport :-)

Congrats to @sardar-sani!

Technically, while I used the little four wheeled bike I rode as a toddler, I did not pay for it, so I didn't really own it (my parent's passed it down to my little brother when I got older). The first one I truly owned was a black 1979 Ford Mustang Hatchback. That car got me into a lot of trouble.

Congratulations, @sardar-sani! A bike was my first transportation.

First I remember was a bicycle.

wtg winner a 1969 Buick Electra 225 limited edition best car ever made power everything what most folks today would call a boat all steel and a beast on the hiway

Congratulations @sardar-sani
That must have been bicycle.

My first transportation would be an old fashioned single speed Huffy Bike.

Congrats @sardar-sani!!

My first transport was a 1970 Monte Carlo.

Congratulations @sardar-sani!

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