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What is your experience with Fish


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Fishes are lovely, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent and charming creatures who feel immense pain & shock when caught or killed

Not fond of the fishy smell.

I am pure vegetarian so no fishing...

WTG on winning the honey pot today Lisa.

I have a ton of experience with fish. When I was young I remember we had about 20 aquariums that we raised different types of fish in. I also have worked as a chef for many years and cooked all kinds of fish in many different ways.

Thank you, Mike!

Well... at the age of 14 I started working as a "fishmonger's mate" and learnt lots of fishy skills!

Here in Japan, my main experience with fish is to wolf down lotsa sushi and sashimi.

By the way, did you hear about the daughter of the fishmonger? Well, she was only the fishmonger's daughter, but she could lay on the slab and fillet.

Congrats to Lisa for the win, and I do enjoy fishing, and then preparing and eating them.

Thanks, Erik!

Congratulations, Lisa!

Experience with fish? Good old confusing questions... Well, I like fishing, like to eat them (buahahahaha) and I respect them :)

Thanks, Zoltan!

Congrats @lisamgentile1961!

My memorable one was when we enjoyed doctor fish for the first time with mom and my daughter. These are the little fishes that nibble the dead skin cells on your feet. It's supposed to be like spa. It was cool.

Happy week ahead!


Did u still have trouble with posting a reply? 😁😁

Hi Rosyel! Sometimes I do have trouble posting a reply! Don't know why! Have a great weekend! 😀

Made in Canva


congrats Lisa lots of fishing when I lived on the west coast of Canada, and lots on the gulf of Mexico nowadays mostly trout fishing

Thanks, Erik!

congrats lisa

I am the end user, i enjoyed properly cooked Fish :-)

Thanks, Farhad!

Congrats Lisa!
I love the sea and the sea creatures and respect them! But also love to eat them!
My Dad does an awesome "Caldeirada" (hey @jongolson is not bacalhau!), which is a big stew with a variety of fishes like sardines and mackerel, even skate or squid if there are some, potatoes, onions and bell peppers! The water leftover of that stew turns into a delicious soup with the type of pasta you like! I personally prefer macaroni pasta yum!
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @lisamgentile1961 will get 69 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Thanks, Eliana and thanks for the entries too!

Congrats to Lisa (@lisamgentile1961)!

That depends on if you are talking about the eating kind of the swimming kind. I had fish tacos last night for dinner. I have goldfish and minnows swimming in my back yard (well, not actually my back yard).

Thanks, Garrey!

Congrats @lisamgentile1961 for the win

Depends in the fish pets fish I sometimes seem to kill I have so much trouble getting the water balanced enough for them.

When I am fishing I love getting trout. One time I was out on my boat at a local lake fishing and instead of catching a fish I caught the huge turtle in the middle of the lake that I didn't know was out there.

Congratulations @lisamgentile1961
Limited to fishing and eating fish.

Thanks, Christian!

I love deep sea fishing and also taking care of aquariums. In the past few years I've been enjoying aquaponics with a nice balance of fish and plants

A long long time ago I think I was 11-12 years old we were visiting my grandparents in Brick town NJ. My Dad took the five of us kids fishing. We all had our little piece of !@#$% fishing poles. it was there I caught my first and only fish an EEL. Needless to say we took it back to my grandparents house were we ate it. Now fast forward a couple years now I'm 15-16 and us kids are spending the summer in Brick Town at mt Aunt's house my dad had a heart attack and the doctor thought it would be best if he was in a relaxed environment. So we stayed at mt aunts house. Right down the road from her house was a bay were we would go Crabbing everyday of course my aunt would cook those suckers and they were good.nowadays I do my fishing at the fish dept in the grocery store

I love Eel, :)

Yay! Thanks to Honey Pot Spin! I think I might have tried fishing in grade school when we were on a summer vacation.

Way to go Lisa! i'm happy you won the honey, enjoy! ;)

Fish, hmm let's see I'm Piscis so that makes me two fish swimming in circles! lol

I do eat them though and defend the sea and all it's creatures.

I also worked on the docks here preparing nets for a few months over a decade ago! lol

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Congrats @lisamgentile1961! My experience with fish is I love it - to eat.

I used to have a 50 gallon fish tank with a 6" snapping turtle. It was a lot of fun to feed him minnows or feeder goldfish

I dont care to catch fish, I do like to eat some. I like to eat salmon, and cod.

Congrats @lisamgentile1961!!

I have had many fish back in the day. I started out with goldfish and later graduated to salt water fish and a few others.

Never had any fish, plus I was a terrible fisherman. I used to go fishing with a friend and he would catch several fish and I would catch none. We even would swap gear and position on the bank....

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