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Have you ever ridden a horse and if so describe how it made you feel

I liked all the different Birds that people would like to be, I would love to be a humming bird, i could then put my hyperactivity to good use


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Mostly ridden Western and bareback on ponies when I was a kid. I went riding at a stable once as an adult--saw the English saddle and knew I was in trouble. Have no idea how to ride English, so I was unable to sit at my desk the next day.

Congrats Bonnie!
I never rode a horse so don't have any experiences to share!
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @bonnie30 will get 66 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
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Congratulations @bonnie30 for the win today

I have ridden on horse during a trip to moab Utah it was fun then we water rafting

thanks @howyf2

Congratulations, @bonnie30...

I have never ride a horse... 😞

Congrats to Bonnie for the win, and only ridden a horse once or twice when I was a kid, can't really remember the feeling.

congrats @bonnie30

Thanks @imfarhad

Congratulations @bonnie30!
I've never ridden a horse. Maybe I'll do that in the future, then I can tell how it feels. :)

congrats @bonnie30
horses are

Thanks @elizabetamt

Congratulations @bonnie30! :) :)

I never had ridden a horse as much as I love them. Maybe someday but I might need a Pegasus or Unicorn instead! ;)

Girl on Unicorn Cat.gif

thanks @pixiepost

Congrats @bonnie30
Tried riding a horse once as a kid, was kind of scary at that time..

Thanks @chmoen

Congrats to Bonnie (@bonnie30)!

Even though I live in Texas, I have only ridden a horse a couple of times. The way it makes me feel is sore (you use muscles riding a horse in a way that you don't normally use them).

yep sore is defiantly going to happen although the more you ride the better

Congratulations, @bonnie30. I have ridden a horse many times, It makes you feel free and is wonderful except those times you get thrown.

Thanks @rcaine, yeah being thrown sucks

Congrats on your win @bonnie30 :)

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congrats to today's winner yes I have ridden a horse to many times recount them all

Have you ever ridden a horse and if so describe how it made you feel

It was a pony & I was a kid. I rode with an adult. It was a long time ago. It was a brief ride. I felt it didn't last long enough.

Congrats on winning the honey pot today Bonnie.

I have lived in the city most of my life so I have only had a few opportunities to ride horses. I think it was fun but very awkward, maybe with some practice it would have been better.

I enjoyed the few times I was able to ride horses. Especially when I felt comfortable enough to to move past a slow trot into a canter or faster gallop

Thanks Russell and everyone.

Yep rode horses in the rodeo for two years while stationed in Germany. Saddlebronc, yes I am a girl and I rode wild horses and loved the hell out of it. Tried barrels and I hated it. Used to ride horses every summer when I was a kid, cause my summer job @ the local stable paid me in lessons. So that was cool.

Now I ride a steel horse and love that. Although more dangerous.

Dont have any experience

I did have the opportunity to ride a horse when I was 13 yrs old. First time on we went riding( all of the girls at the Girls home) at a riding barn. Any way we got saddle up and went out on a dirt road, and my horse decided that it want to go back to the barn. It took off at a trot back to the barn with me hanging on for dear life. I haven't ridden since then. Felt really good to be on the horse when it was just walking.

Hi, Russell I am getting into HIVE more and am learning on Start Earning.Today! I'm really excited and want to try and make more bitcoin!
It's so nice to be in a community again.
I did ride horses in my younger days. I took dressage lessons when I was a teenager. I rode western before that when I would go on some trail trips off and on when I was in my grade school days :)))
I loved the feeling riding in dressage especially when I would get to jump the horse over little fences at a gallop! I don't know how to describe it but it's like heaven, incredible feeling of happiness too. Horses are a lot of work though. But they were worth all the effort!!! Horses are beautiful animals :)))

Congrats @bonnie30!!

I only recall riding a pony at the zoo when I was a bout 10 or 11. I do remember thinking it was fun and always wanted to go horseback riding. I will oneday in the future.

I started riding horses at age 4 or 5 and then fairly regularly util 18. I always enjoyed the experience.

It was scary riding something that had a mind of its own