The Honey Pot - 25-June 2020 - This Post Now CLOSED for Entries

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This is a Daily Prize Winning Opportunity

Your Engagement matters

As you know -
On the Blockchain you get paid to Up-vote posts, you get paid to comment on posts and this is a Daily opportunity to win extra CTP Tokens and HIVE just by engaging

Just Up-vote this Post and make a Comment below

60% of the Total Up Vote Value will go into the Prize Pool
You can win CTP Tokens and HIVE from this daily opportunity


If you have or have had a Nickname, What is it :)


honeypot.pngToday's Honey Pot is worth 66 CTP Tokens and 0.124 HIVE
Congratulations goes to The Winner
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You can now claim Click Track Profit Badges by winning the Honey Pot
The badges you can win are


To claim a Badge all you need to do is connect with me on Telegram and send me a message with your Click Track Profit Username and I will send you the claim badge link

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The Badge needs to be claimed before the next days spin - Badges will not be awarded in retrospect

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  1. This Daily Prize opportunity is run by @russellstockley
  2. The Winner is selected randomly from the comments below using a random picker tool
  3. The Up-vote value from the days post will go into the prize pool for the days spin.
  4. The comments are taken from the previous post for the next day's spin
  5. 60% of the Up Vote value from the previous day goes into the drawing days prize
  6. All Prizes will be awarded within 24 Hours of the winner being selected
  7. You can win CTP Tokens as well as HIVE
  8. The winner decision is final and no discussion will be entered into
  9. Any abuse of this system will see suspension from participation


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Congratulations @ph1102
Ny nick nzme is guurry...


Congratulations @ph1102 Zoltan! Enjoy your honey! ;)

My nickname is 'griega' which is my username online too. It means 'female Greek' in Spanish and I was given it because I grew up in Greece! :)

Also it's pretty hard to shorten Lee! lol

Here's to more honey, peeps! ;)

Go Zoltan
Parrot did I mention Parrot
Spin On! Drone

Thanks, Rob!

Congrats Zoltan!
I'm a nerd gamer so I have a few nicknames. When I played World of Warcraft and nowadays Guild Wars, my nickname is Darkmunne, because Darkmoon was already taken lol On browser games I sticked with Kittie, Kitty's evil twin sister! That started with a Mafia browser game back in the day and still using it today.

My husband made me this when I was playing the mafia game lol
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @ph1102 will get 66 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

I used to play WOW, haven't looked at Guild Wars

Guild Wars is similar, but with better graphics LOL and without a monthly fee like WoW was..I don't know how it is right's been a while last I played both games hehe

WoW! A double win today! Where is that rabbit... :)

Nickname... filoz or ph1102 (actually the same thing, but written in "gaming" style)

I think I am going to have to call you @maddogmike Mike Dell now 🤣

I have to work a lot to get to that point... lol...

OMG! @ph1102 wins again! AWESOME. Ok, dude, now you need to buy me some wine! 🤣

Well, even though my nickname now is Pixie or Pix, I used to be called "Sunshine" a lot when I was a kid lol

I will spend all the prize money on wine... We won't get drunk, for sure... lol

🤣🤣 I don't know about that.... haha

Well, if you get drunk with $0.10 of wine, then you shouldn't drink... 🤣 🤣 🤣

🤣🤣🤣 Dude, you're such a punk!! 🤣🤣 It takes a dollar at least!! 🍷 🤣 And for you...


Wow @ph1102 you are so lucky!!! Is that two wins in a day??

Hmm Shel is what my mom used to call me. I used Rose when I became older LOL.

And it's almost the weekend now... just a little more...

It looks like that! Awesome sauce :) Thanks!

congrats @ph1102 Zoltan it is good to see you winning again :)
my nickname is Howy lol

WTG Zoltan, nice win.

My nickname was maddog of coarse.

Congratulations Zoltan @ph1102! No nickname for me!

Congrats @ph1102 on the win never had one

Congrats ph1102.
My nickname keep changing. My family referred me with name "Jammy" for quite sometime.

Congrats to Zoltan (@ph1102).

I go by Garrey (my legal name) in the business world, but my family calls me Buddy. The reason behind this nickname is because I am named after my father (yes, I am a Jr.) and my mom didn't want me to be called Junior, so she started calling me Buddy.

Congrats Zoltan!

I had tons of nicknames given by my nice friends ;-)

Congeac.My nickname is Eli

40 years ago I believe it was Grog. Do not ask why as I do not remember more that the nickname.

congrats @ph1102

Falu, that's short for my name.
pronunciation is different, u need a guju accent for that .
Gujju is short for gujarati. That's the language i speak.

Congrats to @ph1102 I have 2 nick names. One is ENIAC which was the first computer and my last name spelled backwards. The other is RCAINE my user name and a play on ARCANE which means known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric

Hey @ph1102!
Congratulations! Way to go! :)

I had a nickname in high school "Taxi" because a good friend of mine said I looked like a taxi driver and I was 1 of the few of my friends that had a car, so I gave lots of rides to here and there.

Congratz looking for the honey ;)

Just call me probs, :)

No nicknames or aliases except my alt @diverse