The Honey Pot - 28 July 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries

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This is a Daily Prize Winning Opportunity

Your Engagement matters

As you know -
On the Blockchain you get paid to Up-vote posts, you get paid to comment on posts and this is a Daily opportunity to win extra CTP Tokens and HIVE just by engaging

Just Up-vote this Post and make a Comment below

60% of the Total Up Vote Value will go into the Prize Pool
You can win CTP Tokens and HIVE from this daily opportunity


What do you think of Broccoli flavoured Ice Cream


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  1. This Daily Prize opportunity is run by @russellstockley
  2. The Winner is selected randomly from the comments below using a random picker tool
  3. The Up-vote value from the days post will go into the prize pool for the days spin.
  4. The comments are taken from the previous post for the next day's spin
  5. 60% of the Up Vote value from the previous day goes into the drawing days prize
  6. All Prizes will be awarded within 24 Hours of the winner being selected
  7. You can win CTP Tokens as well as HIVE
  8. The winner decision is final and no discussion will be entered into
  9. Any abuse of this system will see suspension from participation


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I like raw broccoli and I like ice cream, but never together.

Congrats @improbableliason!
Well nowadays can do ice cream of everything! With a bit of sugar maybe it gets better than it is hahaha joking I like broccoli!
Good Luck for tomorrow!

Congratulations on two wins, @improbableliason! Yeah, that would be a hard pass for me. No thank you on the broccoli flavored ice cream.

Congrats to @improbableliason for the win, and I have never tasted Brocoli ice cream, and I do not intend to, it does not sound good.

Whoa! A double win!! Amazing!!! Congrats :)

Hmm my daughter's fond of broccoli. I think she's in a better position to answer the question.. but she's asleep now. LOL!

Happy Chooseday! What do you choose to be today?

Congratulations @improbableliason for the win

If the broccoli ice was served to me I would eat but I would probably not pick it as a favored ice cream

Congrats on winning the honey pot today @improbableliason

Broccoli ice cream does not in any way sound like it would be good. lol

Congrats to the winner sounds terrible would not try

Congrats (AGAIN!) to @improbaleliason. Don't spend it all in one place.

I have never tasted broccoli flavored ice cream, so I cannot provide an informed response.

Broccoli flavoured ice-cream? No thanks. Green tea ice-cream is popular in Japan. Not my favourite.

Congratulations, @improbableliason!

I barely eat any green things... And not sure if broccoli has a taste at all? :)

Congrats @improbableliason for win #2 for today.

Broccoli ice cream 🤢🤢

Hey @russellstockley, here is a little bit of BEER from @definethedollar for you. Enjoy it!

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Congratulations @improbableliason a double win day.
I cream and any vegetable should not be mixed.

I’ll try anything once...but broccoli ice cream, probably only once. 😜


yuch no thanks to broccoli ice cream.

Not together.....

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Congrats again to @improbableliason
I do not think i would even consider trying that ice cream.

Congrats improbableliason .

I am fan of ice cream and may try Broccoli too.

Congrats to winner 🎉

I have never tasted broccoli flavored ice cream.Congrats improbableliason .

Congrats @improbableliason.
Yum broccoli icecream have you ever tasted something that yummy before? ;P

Broccoli flavoured Ice Cream sounds disgusting

Yuch, not that I have tried it, just sounds bad.

congrats @improbableliason (double strike)

not my favorite one, but can try not!!!

Congratulations @improbableliason! Enjoy!
Have a nice day!