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Tell me about a Children's book you remember

Broccoli Ice Cream had you thinking


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Honestly I was such an early reader that I skipped most of the children's books when I was a child (not bragging, I just was wired for reading--nobody really remembers teaching me, it just seemed I figured it out long before I was old enough for school) so I got to discover it when I had children of my own. I enjoyed reading them the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder an The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

I remember loved to watch Little House on the Prairie on TV .

Congrats @bonnie30.

About a book I remember well Im Norwegian and I remember my father read a book to me called "Lasse alene i verden". That would be in english "Lasse alone in the world". It's about a boy who wakes up one day and finds out that he is the only one left in the world. At first he has some fun doing everything he wants to do, because there is noone to stop him. But after a while he finds out that it is quite boring as he has noone to share his experiences with, and noone to interact with.

thanks @aslehansen

Congratulations, @bonnie30!

I would say that "The Little Prince" is the book that I remember the best...


Congrats, @bonnie30!

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Books made a big impression on me when I was a boy, not only the stories about Mowgli, but also Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

Thanks @hirohurl

I remember reading the jungle books as well

Congrats on winning the honey pot today @bonnie30

Childrens books, lets see, that was a very long time ago but I remember some Fun With Dick and Jane and also Dr. Seuss books.

Thanks @maddogmike

Congrats Bonnie!
I had a collection of Disney books with audio cassettes lol can't remember my parents reading for me. My Mom always had stories to tell no books needed lol
Good luck for tomorrow!


As the winner of The Honey Pot and a real Fireballer, @bonnie30 will get 66 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Thanks @elianaicgomes

yep so remember those books

Congrats @bonnie30

I remember the first children's books as ebooks on cd's. My daughter was a kid then and Windows 98 was still running. They were fun, interactive books that she enjoyed as a kid. Then Windows XP came and the cd's were rendered useless. Boohoo.

Happy midweek!!!

Thanks @iamraincrystal

I remember those but I also remember cassette tape books and Windows 3.11

Congratulations on your Honey Pot win, Bonnie, @bonnie30! Most of the Dr. Seuss books since that is how learned to read other than the Dick and Jane books from elementary school ( 1st and 2nd grades).

Thanks @lisamgentile1961

Yeah I was not too much into Dr. Seuss but my kids were raised on them

Congrats to Bonnie for the win, and a childrens book that I remember is Emil I Lönneberga by Astrid Lindgren, that was fun.

Congratulations @bonnie30! :) Enjoy the prize!

Reading was a big thing in my family, both growing up & into my adulthood. I remember a series called Frances the Badger. My mom and dad would read them to me & they were cute, teaching morals and little lessons. :)

thanks @pixiepost

congrats @bonnie30

thanks @imfarhad

wtg Bonnie to many decades for me to remember

Congrats @bonnie30 !

thanks @ayhamyou

Congratulations to our winner @bonnie30!
I like to read storybooks, And I like more hearing stories from others. :)

Thanks @rezoanulvibes

I loved it when my kids started reading to me

Congratulations @bonnie30 for the win

The first book I remember is the cat in the hat and Dr. Sues Alphabet

Thanks @howyf2

Congrats to Bonnie (@bonnie30)!

I have to say that I always loved to hear about the misadventures of Epaminondas. Any time one of us kids would do something without thinking through the consequences, my father would say, "Way to go, Epaminondas!"

Thanks @theroad2freedom

Never read Epaminondas, but I think I may have to find it since my son is interested in greek mythology right now

Congrats @bonnie30. My favorite books when I was young were the Tom Swift Jr. books. I think those qualify for kids books.

Thanks @rcaine, not familiar with Tom Swift Jr. Books

congrats @bonnie30

Thanks @mytechtrail

Congrats @bonnie30
Eveen how hard i think about that, i cant remember any book from my childhood. But i was very found of disney comics..

Thanks @chmoen

My favorite children's book is Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. I love the Boston Public Garden and the swan boats, that are in the book.

Thanks for another Honeypot win I think I am almost to 5 now. Yeah
The old dick and Jane books where my first.

Congrats bonnie30

I think tales from Panchtantra

I do not like them Sam I Am! I do not like green eggs and ham!

I loved Charlottes Web, and I still have it here in my home.

Congrats @bonnie30!!

Wow, a book I read as a child? There were so many, I don't know where to start. I think 'The Snowy Day' was one of my favorites. then there's 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' and 'The Purple Crayon' oh and let's not forget 'The Monster Under My Bed'. I was an avid reader even back then.