The Honey Pot - 31 July 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries

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This is a Daily Prize Winning Opportunity

Your Engagement matters

As you know -
On the Blockchain you get paid to Up-vote posts, you get paid to comment on posts and this is a Daily opportunity to win extra CTP Tokens and HIVE just by engaging

Just Up-vote this Post and make a Comment below

60% of the Total Up Vote Value will go into the Prize Pool
You can win CTP Tokens and HIVE from this daily opportunity


Some excellent thespian supporters in the Swarm

Today lets talk about if you were a superhero what would your power be ??


honeypot.pngToday's Honey Pot is worth 68 CTP Tokens and 0.164 HIVE
Congratulations goes to The Winner
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  1. This Daily Prize opportunity is run by @russellstockley
  2. The Winner is selected randomly from the comments below using a random picker tool
  3. The Up-vote value from the days post will go into the prize pool for the days spin.
  4. The comments are taken from the previous post for the next day's spin
  5. 60% of the Up Vote value from the previous day goes into the drawing days prize
  6. All Prizes will be awarded within 24 Hours of the winner being selected
  7. You can win CTP Tokens as well as HIVE
  8. The winner decision is final and no discussion will be entered into
  9. Any abuse of this system will see suspension from participation


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Congratulations, Mr. Darth Vader Crow Unicorn Killer, or just @cruisin... 🤣

Hmm... If I would be a SuperHero, my superpower would be to make people smile... 🤣 🤣 🤣

Looks like you are already a superhero because 🤣 🤣 🤣

congrats @cruisin

My Superpower = telepathy

Yay! Congratulations to Mr @cruisin. Enjoy all your shiny winnings! ;)

Well, I am already a Pixie so it's kind of hard to top that. But if I had to, I would give people the gift to see the value they have inside & be able to empower themselves. 😍🧚🏼‍♀️

WTG on winning the honey pot today Rob it's been a while since I have seen your name come up.

That is a tough question, there are so many great powers, but I think invisibility would be a good one.

Congratulations @cruisin for the win today

When I was a kid my favorite super heroes were wolverine and superman I liked both of there abilities I would want to have blades come out of my hands and not be hurt from it because i could be able to regenerate what ever hurts me. With superman I liked that he could fly and had infravision. If there could be a combination of the two I would be a flying wolverine lol

Congrats Crowsin!
I remember Son Goku from Dragonball that had that power to teletransport!
That would be nice to visit my parents on the weekend lol
Good luck for tomorrow!

If I were a superhero my power would be the art of charm, i.e. a rhetorical facility that enables me to persuade anybody willingly to do whatsoever I will. He he.

Congrats to @cruisin for the win, and my superpower would be telekenisis, would love to have that.

Congrats to Rob (@cruisin)!

I would want to be able to shapeshift so I could become anything I needed to be to fit the situation at hand.

congrats to the winner tomorrow!!! LOL!!!

Well, I would love the power to control time. For me, it is a very valuable resource.

One more work day... can't wait! Happy weekend to all!!!

Congratulation @cruisin .
I will like to have healing powers.

Congrats @cruisin for the win

I think is I had a super power it would have to be speed and clairvoyant, Speed so I can get things done faster and clairvoyant so I know what the kids are up to before it happens

Congratulations @cruisin
I love the time control and strength....

Congrats @cruisin
Would like to have the power to grant others their wishes..

congrats to @cruisin on the win make people's lives better

That's great 😌👌

Congratulations, @cruisin! If I were a superhero I would want my powers (yes, I wouldn't settle for just one) to be telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. T cubed.

congrats @cruisin

I think flying like Superman would be cool

Congrats @cruisin!!

I would love the power to provide the needs to survive and live comfortably for all.

Congratulations @cruisin!
The first power would be flying and going anywhere very fast.