The Synchronicity of Strong Community #ctptalk


What makes a good strong community is a group of people that are like minded, or at least have the same ethos that drives them,

Sometimes a micro community can occur under the banner of a cause, this can then often stem into a much larger community that has lasting connectivity.

We live in a community and within that community is many sub communities and within those sub communities are micro communities.

We tend to find ourselves gravitating to communities where our ideas and motivations are similar and it is within these communities that we find like-minded people, support, camaraderie and inspiration,

Now some people may go, Oh Russell, did you need to go there, but there is a known phenomenon that when a group of women move into a house together that over a time of 3 months eventually their cycles become in Sync. No matter whether it was a patriarchal notion to map this, as that’s where the studies seem to come from, but from my own experience, and yes I am a patriarch, this is what happens.

However having said that, I have also noticed that when communities are strong and engaging with each other then ideas also tend to sync up.


This is a phenomena that I have noticed in the CTP Talk community, Now I know that there are some very active members in content creation in the community and that in itself is enough to inspire, and I know that often a lot of us may scan the posts and not necessarily go into the post, but we are still absorbing the titles, certain words filter their way through to the subconscious and eventually when it comes time to write a post, it spew’s out into the conscious realm and ends up on paper.

Quite often in tight communities you get synchronicity of thought and that is the case in this @CTPTalk community.

Those that are really active in content creation, often find that they are writing posts that are in alignment with each other. Similar topics with just a different perspective, topics leading into others and others leading into topics.

This is a great sign of a solid united community that has a common goal and is a sign that the open sharing of ideas is ripe and ready for the picking.

So !! if you are wanting a community experience that is outstanding in not only being supported, but in the thorough and confident manner in which information is not only concise but also elaborated on, shared and informed, then you cannot look any further than the @CTPTalk community.

The CTP Swarm as we affectionately call ourselves is a community that will not only support you but will go out of their way to ensure that you feel at home.

It is a community that is driven by personal development which equates to moving forwards.

It is borne out of Online business motivations and lives on constantly challenging itself to greater heights.

Some would even go as far to say that it is one of the most confident Self Help communities that exists on the HIVE Blockchain and beyond, because this community engages as a whole on other platforms as well.

We are the wedge that we use to create Kindling, we will help you take those large steps and break them down to small manageable step by step processes that will ultimately help you succeed.


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there is a known phenomenon that when a group of women move into a house together that over a time of 3 months eventually their cycles become in Sync

Is this really the truth? I will believe you on this... :)

And agree on everything that you said... The community is awesome and there are some really exceptional people inside it (you included) that help each other, and really make everyone welcomed here...

CTP Swarm rocks!

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I can say that even at work with other female coworkers after a few months working together we would almost have that synchronization lol
Great minds think alike they say, and the CTP Swarm is the true definition of it!
It's funny when you are posting and others write about something similar and almost right after!
That's synchronized swimming lol
Thank you for sharing and for being part of this great community!