CTP Blueprint Fireball Giveaway ... And Now The End Is Near

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For the last month or so @elianaicgomes owner of CTP Blueprint has been running a contest at her site. The CTP Blueprint Fireball Giveaway. Where she would be giving away 25,000 CTP Tokens to 10 lucky winners. The 25,000 CTP tokens to be divided among the 10 winners

And so has my favorite singer of all time said in the opening line of New York New York "And Now The End Is Near" I know this because my Brothers along with my Father and my Uncle made me sing it at our Wedding with them backing me. Story behind that is at my brothers wedding and my sisters wedding when the DJ was wrapping up He would play that song and my drunk ass would go up and sing it. So they said this time your doing it sober

Anyway enough of that back to what's important and that is today is the last day for the CTP Blueprint Fireball Giveaway. Looking at the leader board it looks like there was a lot of activity which of course is good

Another thing to mention is that she is also having a referral contest were you could win extra entries to the Fireball giveaway. I don't know what you guys think but to me this has been one of the best run contests in a long time

Now tomorrow night that is Saturday at 7PM EST Eliana will be doing the drawing for the winners live on CTP Blueprint Facebook Page


Yes Eliana is running a great contest here, and thanks for sharing that story about yourself, even worthy of an entry for the Pixie Dust Hunt run by @pixiepost.

I agree Erik! Today's the last day but it's not too late ;) Think about it @scottrohn :) Great to see you posting!

Thank you so much for the highlight!
Because you take action, I will give a little bonus ;)


As a real Fireballer you will get 20 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)